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Learn what real customers have said about Today it is one of Northern Ireland's leading mortgage brokers.

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Some of the vendors we work with at The Mortgage Shop are represented by the scroll icons above. Families are important, so it is best to seek professional help to safeguard what counts when it counts! Mortgage Shop (Kent) Ltd acts as a loan intermediary and not as a creditor. As a rule, the mortgage bank charges a mortgage advisory service for the mortgage.

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The One Stop Mortgage Shop was founded in 1997. Today it is one of Northern Ireland's foremost mortgage brokers. Our office is situated in easy to reach places, many of which are lively malls. Our market-leading opening times are based on your timetable - not ours!

You can repossess your home if you do not maintain your mortgage payments.

As we work - - - Blackpool - Lancashire

A lot of human beings have aims and aspirations, but a aim without a blueprint is only a wish... an attainable aim is a wish with a time limit.... Here is how we phrase the blueprint for your goals: Together we would like to talk about your individual needs and your actual finances. We will ask you about you, your profession, your life saving and investment, your mortgage, your ongoing debt and your fiscal status and how all this information forms a clear and concise picture that will help us define our plans.

The next step is to talk about your goals and wishes and any misgivings that may arise. We will talk about your approach to risks and returns, as this feed-back from you will allow us to build an asset allocation that is an integral part of the blueprint. You will see how we move forward in our discussion, how all this suits your individual schedule and arrange the expected costs for our counsel.

With you we talk about our analyses of your actual job and sketch our first thoughts about the project. We present our suggestions and measures that you need to reach your objectives. At this stage, we will present your personal financial budget, which includes the trip to your final location, and determine the most appropriate and time-efficient way to get you there.

With you, we talk about your actual revenues and expenses, your wealth and your debts, and how your financials can be used to reach your business targets. Their personal budget will also determine the costs of reaching your targets, and now we ask for your agreement and endorsement of the itinerary.

It'?s timeto put the plans into practice. It is the aim of the periodic review of your personal budget to ensure that you can clearly see the extent to which your budget is progressing and that we can make any necessary changes to your course. In close collaboration with you, we will tell you how the action plans will proceed and coordinate any changes with you to keep them on course to achieve your objectives.


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