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Mortgage Shop is Northern Ireland's largest independent retail mortgage broker. Mortgage Shop, Exeter, Devon. How to find us Endowment insurance offers a flat-rate amount if you are dying during the contract period that can help repay your mortgage. So your loved ones don't have to be concerned about repaying your mortgage. It has been developed to help protect against these serious diseases that could have a serious effect on your lifestyles.

You could be rewarded if you are found to have any of the stated serious diseases or impairments covered by the insurance or if you die and are entitled to them during the term of the insurance. If you are found to have a particular disease, you can use the flat rate to bear costly healthcare expenses or reimburse your mortgage.

Casualty, illness & joblessness is a short-term personal security measure. She will pay you a tax-free allowance for up to 12 month if you are unable to work due to an injury or illness or if you become out of work through no fault of your own. Or you can opt for a insurance that will only cover you against accidents and illness or just prevent you from becoming redundant.

Select the "deferred period" - this is the starting point of your entitlement and you will not receive any benefits during this one. In the case of accidents, illness and the unemployed, you can opt for a postponement of 30, 60 or 90 workdays. They may also have a longer extension of 180 day for casualty and health insurance.

While we can help you determine which timeframe is best for you, we will examine your situation and consider questions such as the health insurance you are receiving from your employers or the cost reductions you have made. The amount of the allowance you get can be up to 65% of your total salary (up to 65% of your salary before taxes and social security contributions).

While there are limitations to the coverage offered, Legal & General will not be able to provide coverage for some conditions. Personal injury, health and jobless insurance usually cost 4.71 pounds per 100 pounds of benefits per month. 4.71 pounds per 100 pounds per year. A 36-year-old client chooses 850 pounds per months of casualty, health and jobless benefits, with entitlements covered after a 30-day deferral.

The same applies to objects that cannot be moved when you move home. The same applies to your housewares, your belongings and your valuable possessions.

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