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The Target credit software can provide a single platform for all your products while enabling rapid diversification. Locate the best loan processing software for your business. Mortgage Office is a credit service solution designed for companies of all sizes. A full-featured, web-based mortgage broker software, Intelligent Office helps you deliver advice that meets the requirements of the Mortgage Market Review.

Credit and mortgage software - Credit software

Looking for credit software that allows fast credit spread generation? With our fully featured integration module, you can manage your credit life cycle from credit allocation to bank accounts and debt collection. Our credit software allows you to quickly achieve a diversified view of your assets, maximize your portfolio's visibility and value in this emerging environment while minimizing your risks. Your company's ability to adjust to constantly shifting markets is crucial.

Now you need to quickly offer credit services with competitively priced credit lines, fast approval and outstanding client support. Our efficient management of your entire credit life cycle, from your first client inquiry to your payment to the funds and credit mobilisation. The diversification and quick launch of your new product innovations is facilitated by our highly customizable origin system.

With our advanced accounting system, you can manage your credits once the money has been used. It manages its bank Accounts in a periodical period during which it processes Revenue Realization, Interest Calculation and Payment until the date of closing. The system provides a highly aggregated layer of finance and managerial information.

You will be equipped with a flexibel Information Manager or we will offer you a datafeed into your selected application. Our module based design allows easy integration of the system as a "slave" into your current system or as a stand-alone substitute. Our easy-to-use user interfaces allow you to quickly bring changes to your current or completely new product to life by configuring it yourself without IT or engineering effort.

You need a system that effectively recovers your past due loans and mortgages in a regulated environment where it is vital to strengthen your default portfolio. The Collection Engine will manage your complete life cycle, from the identification of prepayment issues to the administration of payment backlogs to collection and processing. The system uses a number of delay and backlog policies to help mitigate your backlog ratios and potential risks.

Large banks and utility companies such as Secure Trust Bank, Welcome Finance and Yorkshire Water trust our debt collection software, find out what it looks like today, 0845 650 6200 or simply go ahead and get our case study.

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