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Had you sold your house tomorrow, how much money would you have left after you paid out your mortgage? The Scottish Widows lower interest on home loans The Scottish Widows Bank has lowered the interest on its Home Equity Loan from 8.19% to 7.75%..

...... The Scottish Widows Bank has lowered the interest on its Home Equity Loan from 8.19% to 7.75%. Mr Rob Golbourn, Managing Director of Scottish Widows Bank, commented: "Lloyds TSB's Treasury and Group Balance Managements have worked with us to create this high-innovation riskmanagement technology, which we believe will give us a genuine advantage in the marketplace and will hardly reach our rivals.

And we are pleased to be lowering the interest rates for both existing borrower and new business". Interest rates are set for the entire term of the loan and the borrower has the possibility to pay interest or pay against the value of the real estate.

Mr. Widows alleges that the loan allows homeowners over 60 years of age to free funds bound in their home. Scots widows said it ensures lifelong safety by permitting the borrower by living in his possession until either the home is for sale, they move into long-term maintenance or to die. There is a guarantee that the debtor will never have to repay more than the open sales of the real estate.

As of August next year, equity release loans will be incorporated into the Mortgage Ordinance and could also fall under the Committee of Mortgage Lenders' optional mortgage code.

Paid out your mortgage with Equity Release.

All of us dreams of having our house, free of mortgage. A lot of homeowners only took interest out, furnished mortgages both when they purchased their houses and expected that when the policies ripened they would realize enough funds to together repay the mortgage off. Unfortunately, this did not prove to be the case, as many of them had a significant arrears in the payment of the life insurance policies in relation to the amount required to repay the mortgage liability.

Which are Equity Relase Schemes? Simply put, an Equity Relase Scheme is an agreement whereby a homeowner/owner over the age of 55 can relinquish part of the property's equity. Any amount decommitted is tax-free and can be used for anything the landlord wants, up to and beyond the payment of the mortgage overdue.

Equity loan is usually only repaid when the home is for sale or when the homeowner(s) dies and there are usually no periodic payments. Instead, interest accrues and is added to the loan until it is repaid. If the equity freed up is used to repay an outstanding mortgage, the effect is capital-neutral.

And the only different is that instead of having to pays the interest every single months, it is wound up and added to the loan. Often, an additional amount, in addition to the amount needed to repay the mortgage, can be freed up and used to repay other debt, finance a much-needed vacation, buy a new automobile, improve living space, or help your child get on the residential ladder as well.

Then if you're interested in moving on, the consultants at the Equity Release Supermarket will take all your queries and take good care of all the paperwork, disburse your mortgage and start enjoying your pension without the months involved in these costly mortgage payments.

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