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Learn how mortgage insurers analyze risks. Vacancies for mortgage insurers - September 2018 Experienced in subscribing collateralised mortgages. Understand the broader mortgage landscape and be aware of the most important risk factors...

........................................................... While we can and want to arrest all kinds of commodity mortgage product, we favour specialisation in bridge finance, securitised 2nd charge mortgage loans, and the provisioning of.... At least 1 year of absolute mortgage or bridge expertise. The Loans Warehouse is currently looking for full-time bridge / Short Term Lending Underwriters &.....

It is an interesting occasion to strengthen our thriving and expanding trainee mortgage underwriting and advisory teams.

Could you afford to put your mortgage up for auction?

Australian start-up with a new attitude to on-line mortgage broking relies on a good number of individuals. Flongle encourages the consumer to elaborate their perfect mortgage for a new home or refinance with care and then, for a charge, pass it on to Flongle's anonymous lender and broker networks in order to offer in a "mortgage competition".

To some extent, it does not differ too much from the few'credit intermediaries' already on the merchant side who accept a charge from the client (instead of taking mortgage agent fees from lenders) and engage in mortgage competition on their own account. This is to show their autonomy and to reassure the client that they will not push them in the right directions towards the creditors who are paying the highest agency fees.

However, this absence of autonomy is a problem for some in the Aussie markets, as NAB and the Commonwealth Bank together own a major share of around 50% of the country's mortgage broking network. Thus, the notion of mortgage competition is not quite singular for Flongle (although it does claim a global novelty). However, Michael Lee, who has been pressing for better mortgage lending visibility for almost ten years, has done a good job creating the consumer expertise and promoting the product.

Some ridiculously ringing one-word on-line finance transaction type of name? Buy-in from creditors and broker? More than 50 creditors and mortgage companies are registered and validated at the time of introduction. User can position security interest request against which is to be offered for $399, or if they condition news article proposal, it's $799.

It is the demands that Flongle says the booking and match making makes it stand out. And, like a number of major single-purpose finance companies these days, they' ve geared their on-line consumer experiences well to bringing clients on board. Using a highly reactive website for different types of equipment, they define the stages, clearly communicated the anticipated timeframe and invited consumers to generate and store a mortgage competition for free.

A three-page survey asks questions of consumers about the normal range of financing options, but also asks them to assess in a staggered way how important certain features are to them - compensation accounts, new drawing options, preferences for smaller creditors, etc. This, in combination with the "One Last Form", which the end consumer can fill out once and use to make a formal application to any respondent creditor of his choice, ensures a well thought-out end consumer environment.

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