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Corporate mortgages promoted Steve Olejnik to Managing Director Mr Steve Olejnik has been named to Mortgages for Business as CEO, succeeding David Whittaker, the company's founding partner. Whittaker will no longer manage the freelance broking business he established in 1990, but will continue to be CEO of Property Business Group Ltd, which holds the broking business and buy-to-let Keystone Property Finance franchise.

Olejnik has more than 20 years of business management executive management track record in mortgages and personal client businesses and came to Mortgages for Business in 2002, after 14 years with NatWest. Whittaker said the nomination was a well-deserved upgrade for Mr Olejnik, who had received several honours for his work.

Whittaker added: "Steve has been my right handed man for many years and I have implicit confidence that he will guide the company through our fast growing agendas - he has the impetus and direction to deliver". The Mortgages for Business Group is an impartial real estate agent specializing in buy-to-let, mortgages, real estate and real estate financing, and real estate financing.

Mr Olejnik commented on his new position and said he was focussed on the job at hand and prepared for the challenges. In particular, the buy-to-lease mortgages business has become more complicated in recent years and I want to make sure that we continue to be at the front line in assisting lessors to execute smart funding policies to operate profitable portfolio businesses," he added.

Mortgage business starts brokerage business

Corporate Mortgages has established an intermediate department to help agents find their way around the specialty markets. The MFB for Intermediaries will provide brokerage or packing services to agents in the areas of buy-to-let, trade, bridge and bridge and developer financing. An MFB spokesman for intermediaries said the dealer placing services were targeted at less skilled and time-critical intermediaries looking for a broker to find the right provider of credit and help organise a business.

According to the experts, the hypothecary packing services have been designed for agents who already know the creditor they want to use, but who cannot apply directly themselves. Mortgages for Business' Steve Olejnik, executive vice president, said the firm was able to help brokerage firms that may have difficulty doing more sophisticated business.

"Our consultants have more than 100 years of buy-to-leasing and industrial real estate expertise, and we look forward to playing a more significant part in the broker-to-broker arena. The MFB for Intermediaries will also provide an on-line case follow-up facility and a monthly e-mail to keep brokerage firms up to date on new prices, metrics and markets.

White Financial Services CEO Daniel White said that MFB could work for intermediaries for intermediaries who are not fully aware of buy-to-lease issues, such as changes in taxes and lenders' pricing. "As long as the services are serviced, as long as a mediator passes a case on to a third person, he must be sure that the services are right - because it will not be the mediator who has adverse customer response, but the mediator who may lose a customer or reputation."

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