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Mortgage plc Unsold PPI Recoveries and Requests Made Simple How bankers have consistently resold a failed Installment Personalization ( "PPI") policy is the largest mis-sale scandal ever in the annals of consumer finance. In some cases, however, it has been the bank that has stopped individuals from getting what they deserve. That is what the Chief Executive of the ombudsman service says about the PPI mis-sale outrage.

A large number of individuals will not even know that they have added PPI to their mortgages, credits and loans. We' ll find out how much is due to you and refund any incorrectly paid PPI to you. They may think that you have nothing to do with PPI, but if you had a home loans, a major bank debit or a home mortgages at any time in the last 15 years or so, there is a possibility that it had added PPI.

Then we can find out if you had PPI and if so, how much you can recover. Just fill out the non-binding inquiry sheet to find out if you have a right. What was the wrong way for a bank to sell the PPI? We' ll take all the footwork if we make a PPI call.

Please fill in your data in the fields of the non-binding inquiry questionnaire to begin your complaint. We' ll contact all the bankers and/or other creditors with whom you have had credits, credentials and mortgages to recover all your badly oversold PPIs or find out if you have PPIs that you didn't even know about, and if so, state that.

Many years of expertise in handling PPI recovery procedures and PPI recovery schemes. We have a wealth of direct banking expertise. The use of a CMC like ours means that you have a dedicated contact person who acts on your name, on a strict fee-free basis* who will process your request as quickly and effectively as possible.

Complain about us and get any refunds you are entitled to as soon as possible. Please fill in the non-binding inquiry sheet to begin your complaint. When your request goes to the FOS, it can add more than half a year to your wait for a reimbursement.

While we will forward demands to the FOS, which will be refused if we have the feeling that there is a case to which we have to respond, we are doing everything we can to resolve the demand fairly without this having to do. The following are Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) statistics, containing information on receivables collected and confirmed for some of the most important house bankers.

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