Most Effective way to Pay off Credit Card Debt

The most effective way to repay credit card debt.

is a credit intermediary, not a lender. The best way to pay off £3,500 in credit card debt. Got a 3,500 credit card debt with egg at their default interest rates. I am very low on credit at the present point (checked over Zopa) and the last requests for credit card (for transfer) and an insecure credit were rejected. ABUT I haven't found a credit firm that won't bind you for 5+ years, a great deal can be done in this age!

There are no other ways I can imagine paying off this last debt without wining the game! Could a successfully applied for a guaranteed credit have a detrimental effect?

British pay off vacation debt before their vacation - Credit Card - News stories

Others, however, may be seduced by the many extra advantages of card payment these few days, with cash back and associated reward offering great incentive. The Platinum Cash-back Card from American Express, for example, provides a 5% cash-back for the first three month, limited to 125, which means that your 2,500 pound vacation would immediately give you 125.

There are also tickets that provide Avios reward options, making them particularly suited to those who travel a lot - the British Airways Card gives you 5,000 extra Avios if you spent 1,000 in the first three month, which makes it perfect for this important vacation buy. But with these types of transactions, you must be certain that you are one of the 84% who will repay the entire amount when the money order is received, otherwise the interest will exceed any performance made.

Whilst it is possible to make up to 32 month interest-free shopping - currently available through the AA Dual Credit Card MasterCard - you may no longer want to pay for this year's almost three year vacation, so choosing a faster maturity may be wise.

Again, it's important to find the right offer - you need a credit card or pre-paid card specifically developed for use abroad, so you don't have to be concerned about inflated fees or currency forcing. All presented items can be cancelled by their supplier or modified at any moment.

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