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Q: Why is my Experian Credit Score different from other scores? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) QU 1: What is the Experian ID? Experian ID is developed to enable you to more easily authenticate yourself to organizations on the Internet. The Experian ID is built on the principles of "register once" and "use with many". First, the use of an Experian ID was associated with Experian and GOV.

Eventually, you'll find that more organizations will see the Experian ID emblem, making it easier to recognize more organizations. You can do this with your Experian ID. The amount of information you need to enter on-line will decrease over a period of your life as you can split the unique identifiers you have stored in your Experian ID.

QU 2:'How do I setup an Experian ID? When you first create an Experian ID, your trip has begun with an organization that allows you to use an Experian ID. Verify UK or Experian logos. Once you select Experian ID, you will be redirected to the Experian ID services that offer this on-line facility.

You will then be guided through a registry, ID verification, and login procedure. You can use your e-mail in order to generate a user name and establish a passwort and an unforgettable name. This will enable you to re-register with Experian ID in the near term. Do you have any queries about your financials, e.g. what was the difference on your last charge?

You will be taken back to the organization with which you began at the beginning to continue your itinerary. Q3: How does Experian ID work? Once you have your Experian ID setup, the next time you see the Experian ID icon on an organization's Web site and click Experian ID to verify your organization ID, you will be redirected to Experian ID.

They are then referred back to the company. If the organization has asked for your own custom attribute, it will usually be used to prefill the organization's page and not ask you to provide it yourself. Some of the originals you used in the ID verification procedure may be asked to resubmit, such as re-entering your credentials.

Your Experian ID will be reconfirmed from case to case. When you do not check your e-mail when you first get the e-mail inquiry at the beginning of the trial, you will get a warning. You may not be able to use your Experian ID if you do not check your e-mail adress, e.g. with authorities.

If the Experian ID is locked, it cannot be reopened. Helpdesk is available for you to talk to an agents if you are having trouble using your Experian ID or if you are not using your Experian ID. F5: If I opt for an Experian ID as part of the GOV.

Britain, which regulates the way in which we check people's identities, and that means we have to make sure that your own existence is there and that you really do register. A number of factors may prevent us from verifying your personal information, such as F7: I have been living at the same location for many years and you cannot check my GOV as part of my GOVs.

Unless you have this kind of proof, even though you have been living at your home for many years, we have no other way to justify it. F8: My name has not been authenticated. Sometimes you are not immediately authenticated because your ID needs to be checked by hand. You will be notified on the monitor and asked to come back a few workingdays later.

Occasionally there is simply not enough information available to verify your identification so that your resume will not be continued. However, if you still cannot successfully complete the trial, the organization may have an alternate way to demonstrate your true identification to the organization. QU9: Do I have to buy the Experian ID?

There is no fee for registering for an Experian ID and no fee for using your Experian ID to enforce your ID. Q110: Will you disclose my Experian ID information to third parties? Q11: Do I need to tell you when my Experian ID information changes? We will check your new location, so please make sure that you have already upgraded your information with your banking, Voters Roll, utility, etc.

QU12: Is the Experian ID authentication process a credibility one? No - the ID is not a credential test. QU13: Does an ID verification influence my solvency? No - the ID verification has no influence on your creditworthiness. QU14: If I use my Experian ID, does it impact my solvency?

QU15: Will my loan information be shared with third parties if I use my Experian ID? No - the Experian ID does not contain any loan information and cannot share your loan information with third parties. QU16: Will my local branch find out that I have been applying to another organization for something? If you use your Experian ID to disclose your ID to an organization, no information will be disclosed to your organization or made available to your organization.

When you first sign up for an Experian ID, we need to verify who you are, and we need to make sure it's you and not someone who pretends to be you. Q19: If I want, can I exit my Experian ID? It can be closed on-line using the function Manager Your Experian ID.

You can also open and exit the Experian ID Helpdesk. Helpdesk agents make sure that it is you who really requests the lock before actions are taken. Remember - if you shut down your Experian ID, you may not be able to connect to the service you have received from the organization.

However, if you terminate your Experian ID, the service plan will not be terminated. It is not, however, necessary to lock your Experian ID - you can terminate your Experian ID directly with the organization and keep your Experian ID for further contacts with other organizations. Q20: Why do I need to give you my e-mail adress?

 A: By associating your e-mail with your Experian ID, security is increased. For example, if you tell us that you have lost your username, we will e-mail you a warning. No - we only share your personally identifiable information with the organizations with which you wish to use your Experian ID.

 A: The user name allows us to recognize your Experian ID. Your passcode will tell us that it is you who is using your Experian ID to log in. You can call the Experian ID Helpdesk and request that your Experian ID be locked. Helpdesk agents make sure that it is you who really requests the lock before actions are taken.

Q26: I am a victim of fraud at Experian - am I being asked for my username / why wasn't I asked for my username? Experian will not use your personal information for any purpose other than to provide you with access to your personal information. It is Experian who performs the verification in this facility, and we use strict procedures to verify your identities.

You can also call the Experian ID Helpdesk and ask for a reset of your passwords. Helpdesk agents make sure that it is you who really requests the passwords before any actions are taken. Q28: How do you verify my pass or driver's license using the Experian Identity Service App?

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