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One day I had some extra money, so I surprised her with tickets for a live show. The greatest advice I can give to the QL leadership is: "My director encourages me to grow and welcomes my feedback and ideas. Quickken Loan Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews from

The submission and access to documents on-line was a WONDERING comfort; and our refinancing procedure was quickly over. That was the BEST thing I've ever seen. That was the BEST thing my man and I have ever experienced. It was quickly finished from the moment we asked and started the trial. Many thanks to everyone who has worked with us on this trial.

Work effortlessly with Quicken Loans. Professionally and helpfully. Any friend seeking refinancing would be strongly recommended to do so. And the whole procedure was simple to use. Everyone I've worked with has been very useful and kind. You were very instructive and pro. I' d strongly suggest you.

It' t h e r a l It is very useful and helps to solve quickly occurring issues. I' ve had the best experiences with Quicken loans. I' d highly commend this firm to anyone. I' d suggest accelerating the loans. Exceptionally professionally and useful in all respects of acquiring a new mortgag. Our brokers Ryan Dowell and his whole squad really did jump through the tyres to make our experiences less painful and give us both the resource and the prompt answer to our queries.

To a large degree, I strongly recomend Quicken loans for either re-fi or a new home mortgage. 4. Rapid servicing. The Craig Ford was very effective, polite and a enjoyable time. It' been a real treat working with Quicken Loans. It was an incredibly unbelievably simple trial. THANK YOU Faster loan!!!!!!!! Everybody was very kind, the trial was rapid and there was not much red tape.

Everything I could do from my cell so it was simple, with my insane work as a timetable. The Quicken Loans was the simplest and fastest refinancing I have ever had. I' d strongly suggest it!

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My own refinancing expertise is the basis for this expertise, which may differ (but probably not much) from those of conventional refinancing or purchasing expertise. After I was recruited, I was expected that the timetable would be about 50-55 lessons per weeks with an obligatory Saturday a months.

However in reality the actual timetable was Mon-Fri is 07AM to 7PM...7AM (usually you have to remain as late-than 8:30) and yes, on hard copy you are only supposed to work 1 Saturday out of the month, but every Saturday you don't work you can anticipate setbacks the next Monday.

Had I been informed from the beginning that I would work 6 working days a week, every individual working day, and asked in March to work 30 workingdays in a row, I would not have taken this position. My speciality, known as "CARI", is refinancing the customers we currently serve to make sure they are in the best position.

Every experienced mortgages lender can tell in the first few seconds of the call whether the customer is in a good place or not, without having to draw any funds. When you don't get loans for these individuals, you will be put into a worst case lead flow where there is no possibility and you are almost certain to fall through.

Several times we are even informed by our managers that they don't give a damn how good the profiles look, they just take the loan, refuse the customer and move on. Note that we do not collect the customer's loan without their consent, but they have led us to increase the fact that we can actually make the customer a lot of savings just to have us call back 5 min after calling their loan to say, "You are in a good place".

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