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Seats see photos of seats in the Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Monsters, Cleveland Gladiators. Quickken Loan Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews from

It made the whole thing smooth and easily understandable. Do I really appreciate how quickly and efficiently Quicken Loans and Rocket Motgage were done in obtaining my refinance and provide me with additional hard cash in order to settle invoices. Simple procedure, no hassle and professionally. The work with Quicken was great. It is well organised and simple to use.

Immediately they answered my telephone call and provided me with good information about the credit and acquisition processes. It'?s very simple. It was all right until it was shut down. Then we had problems with the lawyer that we had to make a signing (wasted 1 days; we could have shut one days earlier.) Then the cheques for the believers were sent to us; we did not have this feeling.

Thought they were gonna be sent directly from you to the believers. I had to wait a whole working day before I could send the cheques the next one. Couldn't have wished for a better crew to work with...from top to difference what I asked, who they knew the answers to...everything came to me, I didn't even have to go away from was a great experience..I would highly commend Quicken to everyone...thank you all so much that you made a vision come true....

I am very happy with how simple the trial was, but this is not the first times I have used Quicken Loan, so that was not surprising.


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