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My plastic is on a non-refundable installment.....

Will my nonrefundable payment be debited to my full amount at the moment of my reservations? Even if I make a 5 night purchase and then only remain for 3 days, are the other two days not reimbursable? mountaino..... An unrefundable installment is just that. The fees for the whole duration of your visit are usually booked to your own bank account at the moment of your enrolment.

When you are unsure about your plan, either make a booking at a standard (refundable) fare or allow your reservation until nearer the point of arrival.

And my payment was debited immediately after I bought it.

Also my major account was debited immediately. When I check in, do I have to provide evidence of the deductions on my account statement or will the reception desk already be informed? My bookings were made through a well-known on-line reservations organisation. Arriving at the guesthouse, I gave them my name and my number, which was known to the hostess.

On my arrival I was billed for my accommodation, so there was no chance of being debited twice. It is a serious place, I very much question that they would burden their guest twice. Hello Amirah, we had no problem at check-in. You are strongly advised to get in touch with the guesthouse to verify your reservation and your payments closer to your appointment.

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