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Please contact National Cash Advance on Messenger. Is it possible to get online courses at a First Lockhart National Bank branch? The first Lockhart National Bank currency exchange Most of Travelex's major foreign exchange products are available for purchase online. If your desired denomination is not shown, please refer to your nearest First Lockhart National Bank office. Currently Travelex does not provide this feature.

Travelex does not invoice you an order surcharge. If you order your money, a full cost itemization, such as shipping charges, will be displayed on the right side and emailed to you.

For your order, your cardholder may charge additional costs such as cash advance payments. For further information, please directly consult your ticketmaster. Is it possible to get on-line courses at a First Lockhart National Bank office? Your order can be paid for using American Express, MasterCard and Visa credentials.

You will receive an email confirming your order as soon as we have received the authorisation from your credit cards company. Check your email preferences to make Travelex emails valid. Travelex is not allowed, for safety purposes, to notify you of the grounds for refusing your order. When your order has been declined, the balance available on your bank balance may have been reduced by the value of your order, but you have not made any payments to Travelex.

Instead, your ticket editor has given Travelex the authority to take the money and put these monies on ice. This money is usually cleared within 10 business days, subject to your dealer. For further information, please consult your ticketmaster. The Travelex website is safe? Travelex Website uses the latest 128-bit cryptographic technologies to make sure that all information transmitted through the Website is safe.

What does Travelex do with my personally identifiable information? A Travelex email has been sent to me asking for my private information. How do you deliver your products? You can place an order up to 21 workingdays before the delivery date you have chosen. Select from two shipping options: - Regular deliveries - before 17.00, Monday to Friday.

Shipment will take 2 working Days or more. - Preferred deliveries - Delivered before 17:00 the next morning. For more information, see the section "What is the next date lead time". How much does the shipping charge mean? How long is the cut-off deadline for next-day deliveries? Purchase orders placed before 16.00 EST are entitled to next date deliveries with the following exceptions:

  • The next order cannot be delivered the next morning in Alaska and Hawaii due to their locations. Travelex does not provide this service because you choose your preferred date of shipment when ordering. For more information, please call our customer support team. We at Travelex are aware that itineraries may vary, so we will do our best to modify your order.

We cannot guarantee that changes will be made (for example, if the order has already been scheduled for delivery). When you need to modify your order, please call our customer support team. Can I buy a Cash Passport ticket? It' simple - buy your Cash Passport ticket here on our website. What is the different between a chip and PIN and my normal one?

In the United States, the payment processing industries continue to use magstripe technologies (the so-called dark stripes you see on the back of every charge or charge card). Occasionally, travellers from abroad will use their existing credentials and debits to notify us of problems with foreign travel. In addition, your PIN is not in the Barpass, which reduces the chance of your ID being compromised if your Prepaid or Prepaid Pass is not used.

Where can I download a currency to my Cash Passport ticket? Choose from the drop-down menu at the bottom right to make quick purchases or recharge if you already have an active Multi-Currency Cash Passport? Prepaid Mastercard®. What can I do to get a missing or misplaced credit or debit cards? In the event your badge is missing or stolen, please immediately call Cash Passport Customer Service at 877-856-2471 to request cancellation of the badge and a free* refund.

You can be sure that your credit is PIN-protected and that you can continue to use your spare or second credit with it. What can I do to cash out my cards? When your journey is over and you do not intend to take another in the near future, you can withdraw your ticket to get the remainder back.

Please call the number on the back of your Prepaid Cards ( 877-856-2471 ) and talk to a sales rep. Where can I find out my account status? Just go to My Account, sign up and you will immediately see your Cash Passport credit on your Cash Passport Cards - you can also see the latest transaction history.

You can also call the number on the back of your credit cards to use our automatic debit and credit transfer services. Go on-line or call the number on the back of your ticket for account status queries to make sure you get the most precise and up-to-date information. Call the number on the back of your credit or debit cards (877-856-2471) and use Cash Passport's automatic services to get your personal number.

Travelex will also use your information to inform you of Travelex products and services in the near term, unless you tell us that you do not. Can I stop Travelex from obtaining marketers? We at Travelex appreciate your comments on our services. Click here to get in touch with us.

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