National Foundation for Consumer Credit

The National Foundation for Consumer Credit

NI Debt Action, Money Advice Service, National Debtline. The Experian CR Report 2014 - Assisting the consumer in making sound and accountable choices We have a tremendous number of customers with whom we are interacting every single working day. What is more, we have a large number of them. Our consumer credit bureaux in 19 large countries, such as the United States, Brazil and the United Kingdom, offer direct or direct service with a JVP. Helping billions of individuals maintain their credit profiles and guard against ID fraud, and helping to deliver free credit reporting to individuals through charitable organizations for credit counseling.

While we are required by law to offer a high standard of services, such as complying with statutory requirements to make information available to users upon demand, we believe that our responsibility to users goes beyond that. It is our way of doing things that means that consumers need to have a sound and educated approach to credit so that they can take out loans in a responsible way.

That means working to educate and strengthen the consumer, raise their level of finance consciousness, educate them about issues related to credit responsibility and even improve their ability in areas such as negotiating debts. Our business is constantly evolving and we invest in our consumer assistance service. Considering that more and more individuals are shopping and managing their financials on-line, we have expanded our existing offline community management capability to offer more of our consulting and technical assistance resources over the web, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Hangouts.

In the UK and Ireland, for example, we have significantly expanded our visibility in online consumer portals such as and online consumer fora. And this has enabled us to attract many more customers, and we now have a fan base of around 50,000 of them. New consumer fashions are monitored to ensure that we react quickly and efficiently to people's needs.

In February 2014, for example, we heralded the introduction of a real-time exchange system in the UK and Ireland. Designed in reaction to consumer demands for short-term credit, this facility provides lenders with immediate direct contact to personally identifiable information. Usually these are small, quick deals that make it harder for lenders to fully comprehend the type of debts of a given individual before granting a credit.

Shared information in real-time can help prevent consumer borrowing from becoming a huge burden by giving all creditors instant information about an applicant's credit standing. We help to strengthen and safeguard the consumer in new emerging economies by providing new products and additional supportervices. After the opening of the Experian Consumer Credit Bureau in Australia in November 2013, for example, we started our own fragrance bureau process, which enables credit institutions to exchange information to forecast scams.

It' re reckoned that Aussie people are losing more than AUD$1 billion a year to face scams, so our services can make a significant impact. During the first three month, our services contributed to increasing the rate of forecasting by 14%. In Australia, we have also introduced our Correction Exchange Services to allow users to respond to their profiles within 30 business day by quickly determining the correctness of controversial information.

Developing long-term alliances to provide consumer guidance that gives us a range we couldn't get alone. We have a long-standing program in North America to help improve consumer confidence, improve consumer confidence and improve consumer behavior. We partner with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) to improve consumers' credit literacy so they can make informed choices.

Together we have created the My Money Checkup utility, available in both English and Spanish, to help customers better grasp their financial situations and how to make them better. During the NFCC's October 2013 meeting, we organised the Being a Credit Ambassador for its members event. Among other things, this involved advising on how to help consumer banks establish and re-establish their credit profiles, how to avoid cheating and how to administer their loans and debts.

In addition to the NFCC's recently started Sharpen Your Finance Focus program, we also contributed 80,000 membership per year to our software. We work with the Money Advisory Trust in the UK and Ireland. Working with more than 12,000 individuals each and every months, it provides free and unbiased credit counseling through its National Debtline and Business Debtline service.

Providing funding and professional guidance, we use our expertise to help manage the Trust's service by identifying the sites of vulnerable consumer debtors. Also, we offer ten thousand free credit reporting per year through the National Debtline. The Trust wants to help with our help 3.

Some 5 million individuals to pay off their debt and administer their funds sensibly until 2016. Throughout our company, we have a committed ecosystem of consumer educators and finance professionals. Our production of free learning materials is enormous and we strive to reaching the consumer through as many different media as possible. Regular ly appearing in the media, TV and broadcast, our professionals help increase public understanding of finance issues and encourage accountable credit practices.

Often they do not know that counselling and assistance is available, so we concentrate on getting to as many as possible. As an example, we have worked with the British national channel BBC to help the Borrowing Britain initiative by producing UK distressed debt hot spots that show where debt is likely to be felt.

These impressive findings underscored the importance of finance literacy, especially for those at risk. General Manager: "Building stronger and more trusting consumer relations is at the heart of our work. With the number of globally active consumer groups continuing to rise, it is important that we act primarily in their interest and place their needs at the heart of our businesses.

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