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It's a national mortgage licensing system. Establishment of national mortgage database National Mortgage Database contains extensive information about a mortgage from its inception to its service and includes features of the borrowers. There will be information at the lending stage on the mortgage, which includes the borrower's credentials, the mortgage conditions, the object funded and the repayment behaviour of the mortgage.

In addition, this database meets the FHFA requirements under applicable law to carry out a mortgage markets study on a quarterly basis. No personal data shall be contained in the database and the Agency shall take appropriate measures to prevent the identification of individuals through the database. There is no doubt, however, that the agents will use the information in the database to better supervise the mortgage sector and further enhance the protection of customers.

It is hoped that the database will help them monitor the state of mortgage market and customer morale by showing whether payment is made on schedule, as well as information on credit changes, enforcement and bankruptcy. It is also used for survey purposes to help understanding customer decision-making and how they buy mortgage and handle non-performing home ownership.

They will also be monitoring the performances of various product lines to help pinpoint issues or risk. It will enable political decision-makers to see how many mortgage holders have and how they work. It will be the first full data base to enable such analyses. It will also contain information about a borrower's other debt, such as car credits and students' credits.

Authorities anticipate that the early version of the full data set will be completed in 2013. It is hoped that the agency will be able to exchange information with other government authorities, scientists and the general community once the data base is completed.

The National Mortgage Licensing System - How is the National Mortgage Licensing System acronymed?

NMLSNew Media Lottery Services, Inc. Links to journal archives ? and registers (registers) containing job histories and measures of discipline and execution against creditors. Mortgage Call Report (MCR) and a Registry (NMLS), in which the consumer can verify the licensing state of a lender against the NMLS Consumer Access (http://www.).

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