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The Chartners Independent Mortgage Broker provides competent, independent mortgage advice throughout the UK. The National Mortgage Brokers Pty Pty LTD. <font color=#38B0DE>-==- Proudly Presents

At Buckingham James, we pride ourselves on providing a quality of services that focus on the interests of our customers in everything we do. Our 1994 expertise has enabled us to help thousands of customers meet their business objectives. You' re stuck with a to-do schedule as long as you have your arms, you' ve got a mortgage, a re-mortgage or a mortgage to arranging, and you' re getting more and more disappointed with the never-ending line of advisers you have to talk to and the tiring series of telephone conversations you have to make.

That is the position many are in today - from first-timers to those who want to take out a new mortgage. That is the kind of circumstance you, as one of our esteemed customers, will never be confronted with. Our approach is to facilitate a quick "Agreement in Principle" - something that brokers need to take a realty off the mortgage front.

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Mortgage brokers on the phone who are willing to help. Mortgage brokers offer help and advise to help you arranging your mortgage. Several mortgage brokers specialize in certain areas, e.g. Buy to Let or New Build. If they talk to a mortgage brokers, they will be explaining the facilities they are offering. Brokers may levy a commission on the services they offer.

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Agents were asked to act cautiously when giving advices on micro-homes in the midst of recording real estate building gains, for fear that customers might buy real estate with finite resale potentials and leave advisors open to complaint. Microhouses - real estate with less than 37 square metres of usable living surface for studios - are becoming increasingly popular as the UK lack of accommodation drives up the cost of living in city areas such as the centre of London.

The uniqueness of these apartments, however, means that advice to a prospective lender for brokers is associated with extra risk. Mortgage advisor and research director at Independent James in London, Oliver Marley, said: "The purchase of such a home will be very restricted and will not be appropriate for those who are about to establish a home.

"Of course, as mortgage consultants we are not skilled at giving comprehensive guidance on how the real estate can be valued or not, but we would always let a customer know that it is common that these real estate items are not valued so quickly. Deputy London and Country Mortgages Communication Manager David Hollingworth said:

Judging by database criterias huberia, the minimal footprint that is acceptable to most creditors is 30 sqm, although some will consider below this limit according to the type of real estate. Loans to studios will not be granted to many smaller creditors and home loan and savings associations. That' s what a national spokesman said: "We have a stringent 30 square foot requirement for buying studios to let mortgage properties that fall under The Mortgage Works.

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