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Over us - advice of the mortgage banks As of 1 July 2017, the Council of Mortgage Lenders was incorporated into a new business organisation, UK Finance. The UK Finance team comprises around 300 UK companies offering lending, bank, market and payments solutions. Meanwhile, sector information and the UK Finance Mortgage Lenders Handbook will remain available on this website.

For a full listing of our members and staff, please visit the UK Finance website. For more information and UK Finance update, please visit the UK Finance website. In order to keep up with the latest sector information, please sign up for UK Finance notifications.

National foreign mortgages

So if you are a foreigner resident outside or in the UK and are interested in buying or rescheduling a home in the UK, we may be able to help. Helping customers around the world in securing the financing of a UK real estate asset can be a complicated one. But we have a lot of expertise in compiling cases for domestic mortgage loans abroad and successfully presenting them to lenders.

Our specialised broker teams will be pleased to assist you if you wish to make a sale or mortgage a UK home. Be it a new home for your whole household or a pied-รก-tierre, a mortgage is an interesting and sometimes even demanding one. When you are a recent British real estate landlord, you can re-mortgage or buy your real estate to rent it out for a number of purposes, such as getting a better interest return, raising funds or renovating a real estate.

In order to help you find the most appropriate mortgage, it is a good idea to speak with a mortgage advisor who specializes in providing loans to foreigners. Even if you're investing in a Buy to Let for the first straight, broaden your UK real estate book or re-mortgage an exisiting one; we can guide you through the various available choices and help you browse the complexity of potentially getting a mortgage as a foreigner.

When you are arranging a mortgage abroad, call us on 020 7519 4900 to discuss your possibilities with one of our mortgage advisors. These are some things that will affect how simple it will be for you to place a mortgage as a foreigner that you need to consider.

Real estate situation - A central, premium quality real estate in London or the Home Counties is preferred by most lenders. Money Sources - The money sources for your mortgage must be comprehensible in order to make a success. Keeping money and stocks instead of ownership will open the doors to a broader spectrum of lenders.

The placement of Assets Under Management (AUM) with the creditor can offer you a wider range of lenders. You can bring a creditor on to your boat if you want to buy via an SPA, but this depends on its geographical position and structural make. If you are looking for a large mortgage on a UK home through an SPS, please do not delay contacting us.

Placing large mortgage loans for customers inside and outside the UK through our 84 credit points. In the UK, we have provided mortgage arrangements for domestic customers resident in the Far East, USA, Africa and Europe that successfully overcome financing hurdles while meeting the client's unique requirements.

Our goal is to make the job as seamless as possible for our customers, regardless of how complicated their needs are. Our goal is to provide you with a highly advantageous mortgage, be it for an apartment or a buy to let real estate, specifically designed to meet your needs as a foreigner.

If you need our support, we are always there for you, taking into account the different times when you are contacted, during each part of the procedure and after your mortgage has been closed. Should you wish to arrange a domestic mortgage with one of our mortgage advisors, please call us on 020 7519 4900 or e-mail us.

There are no Financial Conduct Authority regulations governing some issues of FX mortgage, international mortgage and buy to let mortgage.

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