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They also have a right to see your credit report at any time if you have been rejected for a loan, apartment or job because of poor credit rating. Be sure to report changes to your circumstances so that you get the right amount each month. Certainly you already know that what is on your credit report can affect your creditworthiness. And if you moved recently and need it. To determine how much a lender could lend and how much of a deposit you need to obtain a mortgage, we need to evaluate your credit report.

Do you need to verify that your children have credit information?

NEW YORK (AP) - You may not be old enough to pull off a credit line or take out a mortgage, but you still need to keep an eye on your child's credit. Children can also be victim of ID thievery, and it often goes hidden from parental attention for years.

A boy usually does not find out that something is not right with his credit until he grows up and is refused for a college loan or he is unable to get a credit or debit card. Therefore, expert say that more parent should supervise their child's credit in order to resolve problems early. Protecting yourself in a world full of fraudsters, phishers and identity thieves.

" Any thief must obtain a fake credit or debit credit or any other type of credit is the social security number of a kid, says Eva Velasquez, President and Chief Executive Officer of Identit├Ąt Theft Resource Center, a nonprofit organization that assists ID fraudsters. It is hard to figure out just how many minor ID thefts are among ID survivors, as insiders say many of the outrages are not reported or are not known about until years later.

{\POSTER: }HOW WOULD SOMEONE GET A KID'S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER IN THEIR FINGERS? SO IS THERE A WAY TO SEE IF ANYONE IS USING MY KID'S CREDIT? You will ask for your child's social security number and you can ask to send an email on other paper documents to show that you are the child's parents or guardians.

When there is no credit report for your kid, that's a good thing - most children shouldn't have one. A credit report is only generated when a credit line, credit line, mortgage or other kind of credit is opened. {\POS TER: }HOW OFTEN SHOULD I GO OVER MY KID'S CREDIT REPORT? This gives you enough elapsed your mind to solve any problems before the kid has to take out a college or college credit or open their first credit cards.

COULD I FREEZING MY CHILD'S CREDIT REPORT? Freezing a credit report requires a report to be produced first, and most children do not have one. Currently, 22 states have legislation that allows a parent or guardian to suspend a minor's credit report even if there has been no cheating. A credit report is prepared and froze in these cases.

Unless you are living in one of these states, credit bureaus will only froze a minor's credit report if it has already been produced. COULD YOU THINK IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA TO HAVE MY CHILD'S CREDIT REPORT FROZE? Levin says that if your kid has a credit report due to cheating, it should be immediately froze to stop the thief from using it again.

You will receive a number that is your child's thawing credit report thawing keys when they need it. It is a number that you must be sure you can stick to for several years, especially if your baby is young. The loss of the number or oblivion that you have placed the free-ze can cause trouble and retard the removal of the free-ze, Velasquez says.

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