Need help with Debt

Do you need help in taking up debts?

Information on trust funds to which you can apply for financial support can be found on the Auriga Services website at Whether you are looking for online or telephone advice, we can recommend a range of practical debt solutions to suit your situation.

Collect up-to-date information about your finances, including your income, expenses, and debts. Take advantage of our online debt help tool to get advice now. To pay your debts in installments, you can set up a debt management plan, which is an agreement with your creditors managed by a finance company.

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The majority of non-profit trusts do not pay off debt. For the most part, these will only be senior debt - such as mortgage, rents, ancillary costs and taxes. Wherever nonprofit organizations do not pay off debt, they may be able to give you subsidies to help with other expenditures, according to your backgrounds, situations, and needs.

Since you would not have to find cash for these, you could use other revenues that you have to repay the debt that you cannot put aside. A number of non-profit investment trusts also offer debt advisory as well. When you are concerned about debt, it is important that you get help from a philanthropic organization or ministry.

They can also use the Find a Adviser utility to find locals who are able to analyse your particular situation and give guidance.

Go get the debt support you need.

Typically claimants should have £10,000 or more of uncovered debt, although there is no floor debt requirement necessary to be eligible for an IVA. Yes, an IVA will be noted on your solvency for 6 years. Once an IVA has been completed, you must surrender all your existing credits (e.g. your debit and debit cards).

IVA blacklists your loan forever. There are a number of financing options we can provide, and if we think something might be a better choice, we will do it with you before we move to an IVA. When we believe that an IVA is the best fit for you and you are ready to continue, we will arrange a meet with our senior insolvency administrator at ll, who will help you prepare an IVA quote.

Once this suggestion is approved by at least 75% (by debt level) of the eligible creditors, then your initial investment can begin. In case your job interview is not successful, we will talk to you about other possibilities. Yes, you can take advantage of our debt assistance and take out an Insurance Against Disease (IVA) if you are currently out of work.

It is likely, however, that other environmental determinants will decide whether an IVA is the most appropriate option for you, such as your job outlook, the amount you can pay back, and the size of your debt.

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