Need help with my Credit

I need help with my loan.

What effect does a credit card have on my credit file? Must you use the same credit card to book and collect the car? Will my credit card insure me if I rent a car? The use of a credit card for investment is not permitted in the UK. Must you use the same credit card to book and collect the car?

Standard in credit information. THEY NEED HELP!

After my 6-month FREE Spotify process ended, I was able to go far beyond my own dates and somehow ended up getting a 500-pound bill from Vodafone with no phone call or message about my very high and unusual bill, which was 29.99 pounds. Personally, I was able to create a pay schedule as I was going through a poor period at the moment so I was paying 170/£180 per months.

I' ve never been too slow with other payment methods and always have my financial situation in mind. Talking to a nice Vodafone woman who got to the bottom of it all, it turned out that I still owe Vodafone 170.80 pounds, and as you can guess, I was very angry to listen and I had no clue that my debts were being given away - the debts I didn't know I had!

I called Vodafone after a lot of stressful and excitement in the next few nights and after I had told this tale to about 3 persons, I was handed on from friend to friend because they had nothing to do with me and I talked to a nice gentleman who was more than glad to help, very sympathetic and really sorry.

And I also talked to him about the transfer of the debts and he said that my debts were still with Vodafone. Someone made a terrible error by handing over the debts and then canceling them. I' m very angry that I am now going to pay the cost of someone else' s error and pass on my debts without knowing.

Mir was said that once I have disbursed it what I plan next weeks that it will appear on my credit reports that I have disbursed it but the standard will still be there for the next 6 years!

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