Need home Loan

Do you need a home loan?

To continue your application, you must prove your identity card, address and income. Allow us to help you find the right mortgage for your new home. A lot of good reasons to buy a new home. It' really easy to take your mortgage with you when you move home.

Housing Loan Equipments - West Sussex County Council

To help adult and child with disability or disease, we provide devices that help: more autonomy and security. Gear is provided through the Community Gear Service and is free for those who stay in West Sussex on a permanent basis. Please get in touch with our Adults' CarePoint team to arrange the necessary gear.

For some devices we are able to deliver after a telephone call; for others we may need to do a house evaluation to see what might make your everyday lives better. In case the gear cannot be delivered, we advise according to the specific conditions. When you are not eligable, we can help you buy the right outfit.

When you no longer need your gear, call the Community Service to organize your pick-up. Please contact Community Service if devices need to be repaired or replaced.

Advantages to support rental payment, municipal tax or mortgages/house credit

All the advantages you get to help paying your rental, leasing, mortgage or other home loans and council tax on your former home will cease if you move to permanent residence in a nursing home or if you do not intend to return within 52 weeks. However, if you do not intend to return within 52 months, you may not be able to return to your home. The advantages are: If no one else lives in the house, tell your municipality's municipal tax office as you may no longer have to foot municipal tax.

When you move to a nursing home on a temporary basis but go back home, e.g. have recreational nursing or try out a nursing home, these payments can continue for up to 52 consecutive week. Be sure to inform the payers that you are going to a nursing home, e.g. Jobcentre Plus, the Pension Service or your municipality.

They should be told as soon as you know that you are going to move so that they can make sure that you are not overpaid. When you have claimed one of these services for yourself and your spouse, your spouse should make their own claims as soon as you move into a nursing home on a permanent basis.

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