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Delayed dock leveller in Chelsea disavows U23-year-olds

Our win went through our fingers when Chelsea, the host side, scored a later equalizer in Premier League 2 on Friday evening. The U23s seemed to be well on their way to a deserved win in Aldershot, after Jack Roles had dismissed us into the lead and keeper Brandon Austin rescued Charlie Gilmour's penalties in the middle of the second half and thus crowned a diligent achievement of the whole game.

It was exhausting for us at home, but nobody took on the run of replacement Charlie Brown as he clung to a continuous shot and pushed home to make it 1-1 in the 98th minutes - a devastating shot for our outfit. In favour of the player we pushed on during injury period, but the football would not completely hit us and the points were divided.

Jamie Jumming, who had tested from afar, was part of the opening game after 26min, fighting for the right hand volley before being shot into the room on the right to Jaden Brown. Blasted the Infield and then spread the bal out so the reels could bend over beyond Caumming from the right corner.

Tariq Hinds' right-back had to leave the line five moments before the interval from Juan Castillo's headed goal after Austin rescued Tariq Lamptey's journey from the heart of the region five years later.

With long shots, long shots, Maghoma tried to free Starfleet from the depths as the match went on and the couple withdrew after an hours, but the forward had to fire his early strike as the Chelsea defence approached to conveniently spare him.

But when Brown made his headline on the right, Japhet Tanganga took defensive action and was punished for playing the game. While Gilmour came forward, Austin moved his experiment away from the scene after 65 min to his right. The rescue seemed to survive the hosts' challenges, but in the 98th moment Gallagher stood out from a few cramps to leave Brown behind with a continuous volley, and the reserve player made good use of the compensation.

Until the last few moments, Austin's decisive element was the penalties, which crowned another major achievement by the goalkeeper. It was Brown who had the last word when he scored a point for the home team. Gallagher's shot through divided our defense, and the Chelsea replacement made no mistakes and beat Austin to 1-1 with his melee victory.

Wayne Burnett, our U23 coach, had some pleasant moments in our midnight work, but he had to regret the fact that we couldn't keep our 90 minute override. "There were some good parts, we were dominating the match in the first 15 or 20 minute, they came back in the second half of the first half, but we're really sorry we admitted so later.

Looking at the match, we did some really good things in the sections, but we have to keep it up for 90 minutes and I felt like we didn't do that. Brown - 89; spores - Rolls 26. Gallagher 86, Sporen 48, Oakley Boothe 49.

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