Need to fix my Credit

I need to fix my credit.

If you apply elsewhere and are rejected again, your future credit chances will be impaired. Determination of universal credits - Citizen advice The Universal Credit is the largest modification ever made to the performance scheme. More than 7 million homes will be served by 2022, of which more than half will be gainfully employed. Universal Credit's goal of simplifying the performance system is right. However, it is currently causing too many failures and debts.

Universial Credit is currently being introduced across the nation, but this pace will speed up from October 2017. Civic Advice has already assisted 47,000 individuals with Universal Credit, and our findings show a number of issues that need to be resolved. Unless the rollout is stopped to enable this, 7 million homes are exposed to pecuniary risks.

I cannot get credit because EE will not repair my credit card files.

One year ago I have been starting to try and get a mortage but to my dismay a 18 pound batch of EE showed as failed and past with repayments for 1+ years, due to its I was denied credit as I have bad debt.... Quite a frustration, but no issue, I thought it must be a mix-up (my normal EE bill shows on the credit card how fully paid), I'll call EE and get them to arrange it.

So I asked them to take the record out of my credit record, and they approved. It' 2 moths and the credit is still tagged, so I call and this tim they ask me to mail a note to the Credit Referals staff about what I'm doing............. Yet another 6-month passport I call and they act apologetically and pledge to put it in order as long as I e-mail the Credit Refererrals staff, I do this and do it again... Nothing... not even e-mail, text, telephone call, mail anything at all.

I am currently presented today as a bad credit exposure for the Bank because I have apparently declined to give 18 to EE even though EE reimbursed me this amount over a year ago and acknowledged that it was their mistake.

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