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Apply for a new card

Fill out our online application form to apply for a new card. Register for your exclusive My Oasis Card and we'll shower you with gifts, promotions and more. Use of your credit card Buy products with your Barclays credit card anywhere you see the Visa bill. Once you have received your Barclays Visa debit card, you will become an automatic Verified by Visa member. From time to time, like you, we may request additional safety information to help us review your shopping experience and protect your card from unauthorized use.

If our guards see any activities on your card, we'll stay in contact. Keep in mind that you will get any cash back that has been taken if you have been a target of cheating through no fault of your own. Or, if you're on the move, you can also use the Barclays Mobile Banking application to find what you're looking for.

You will be charged a 2.75% non-sterling transaction fee2 when you buy something. There are many places abroad where you can use your Barclays card to make withdrawals. When your card is discarded or theft occurs, there is no need to worry. Call our 24-hour hotline and we can get you instant access to your money.

If you have already signed up, you can also inform us via our Mobil Bank application. Would you like to give your card a little of your own character? Useful information about your Barclays card. Barclay's Premier clients can take up to 1000 a pound per night.

In order to avoid confusing the situation, we wanted to set the preconditions for this action.

In order to avoid confusing the situation, we wanted to set the preconditions for this action. The recharge is not a charge for the card. However, you can still send messages to your friend, relative or colleague so they can order a free card (if they haven't already).

Yes, you can order your first free corporeal card, even if you already have a corporeal card. There are a lot of other great promotional activities for existing and new people. We have found our promotional offer to be very successful and may cause problems for some people. When you believe that you are entitled to order a free card but have been billed for shipping, just call our customer service representatives and they will reimburse you for the shipping cost.

Because of the great interest we have prolonged the free card campaign on Sunday, March 11, 2018, to 23:59 GMT. Just go through the process on the computer monitor, choose "Standard Delivery" and validate your order.

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