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New Century Mortgage manager. New Century Mortgage Corporation, a California company. The California Supreme Court opens the doors to unlawful foreclosure suits and mortgage transfer challenges: Hands-on implications and options on the way forward

Yvanova's case shows a particularly poor factual model in which the escrow instrument was carried out in 2006 together with an assignation of a mortgage or a fiduciary contract "blank" or without the name of the person to whom the escrow instrument was assigned having been filled in and the transfer recorded. On 2 April 2007 and 1 August 2008 New Century, the creditor and recipient of the escrow, declared itself bankrupt and its liquid funds were wound up and placed in a winding-up trustee.

Before this period, the mortgage was sells to a securitisation trustee - MSAC-2007 Trust-HE-1 Pass Thru Certificates. The Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, as an agent for New Century, concluded the mortgage transfer on December 19, 2011 and the transfer was recognized on December 30, 2011. While the court did not rule on the question of whether the cession was " null and void, " and not just " contestable," it found that there was no more New Century than the cession of the mortgage was " made.

Securitisation trust agreements have usually provided that transfers of fiduciary agreements or mortgage loans are filled out empty. Such delays are due to operational reasons: Keeping the cession ( and not the registered cession) bare reduces the amount of red tape and effort involved in returning a mortgage to the seller if the seller had to buy back a mortgage due to a violation of the information provided by the seller at the point of sale of the mortgage to a securitisation trust. 3.

Bonded representations offer the trustee greater versatility in dealing with trustee instruments in the near-term. Unsecured transfer was regarded as a low-risk way of obtaining a mortgage credit with maximal liquidity, at least until the end of the current economic downturn. There was a time during the turmoil when we began to see a number of cases tearing down the entrenched rule (codified in the Single Commerce Code) that the mortgage (or fiduciary contract in the case of California) follows the mark.

Irrespective of whether the tribunal has raised the question of the legal/beneficial title to the credit and the trustee agreement, the question of the position of the claimant to contest enforcement is difficult. However, the appellate tribunal will now determine whether the New Century insolvency and the fact that the securitisation trustee was concluded for new credits at the date of the conclusion of the assignment constitute the transfer of the escrow "void" and not only "voidable".

As we wait for the ruling, it may be appropriate to reconsider the way in which fiduciary contracts are awarded to securitisation trust companies. Especially since the temporal questions in connection with the transfer of the loan to the trustee are still with us today. The use of a "Titling Trust" is an option.

With a title foundation, the fiduciary instrument is transferred to the fiduciary of the title foundation and retained in the name of the fiduciary. Mortgages to be securitised would then be attributed and kept by a specific entity of the Title Foundation or 'SUBI'. Securitisation trusts would purchase SUBI and deliver bonds backed by SUBI's interest in securitisation.

It would not be necessary to make transfers in the form of unsecured transfers, since the trustee instrument would only have to be assigned outside the trusteeship if the ownership was to be returned to the initial debtor. There is now California statute that allows a claimant in an unlawful enforcement proceeding to challenge a cession to the exclusive unit as invalid.

While it is too belated to correct the way in which the transfer of securitisation vehicles was carried out in the past, we may modify the nature of these operations in the future. Securitisation is about to make a big return to the securitisation world. Let us take this chance to resolve the issue of the allocation process.

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