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Could we get two credits from the same banks at the same aime?

Yes, you can take out two mortgages from the banks, provided that your proof of payment is good and both mortgages are default investments. From the Syndicate Banks I had taken out a home loan and a car loan. They gave me a home loan after making sure that my car loan was a default property and that I paid all my regular and correct payments before the due date.

It is possible to request 2 credits from the same institution at the same moment, as there is no requirement that you cannot take out 2 credits at the same moment. However, the bench will review the criteria for the loan that you have requested and the ZIBIL scores so that if you are entitled, then you can get the loan amount without any problems.

A thing to keep in mind is that the loan repayments, because if you do not pay back the loan or the eye on schedule, there are high odds where it can impact the CIBIL value. Yes, you can use 2 simultaneous mortgages in the same institution only if you have a good salary and a good rating and other approval requirements that the borrower or the institution will require.

Prior to submitting an application for a loan, you know your capacity of repayment of loans and take out a loan only when you are needed, not in debts. Yes, I think to work different locations, with another credit advisor from the same team. Finally I turned to another refinanced institution, but it took me a whole months.

When your credibility and past are good, you can get 2 loan. But be cautious - the more credits, the higher the exposure. In the end you can always end up getting a consolidating loan, which is not a bad idea. Your loan is a good one. Apparently you can get 2 loan if your earnings allow it.

If you have enough capability to repay the rate of the loan I mean it.

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