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None Credit assessment

At QuickQuid we carry out traditional credit checks and check application information via various national databases. Do you have a credit rating? Not a problem thanks to our offer of SIM only deals without credit check.

Credit rating not checked Credit intermediaries

Would you like to know whether you should work with a real estate agent without a credit check? Any credit check credit intermediaries seem to appear everywhere at the moment. What is more...? Many would be uncomfortable with credit checks excluding them from financing, which seems to be a brillant trend.

Is there really such a thing as no credit check credit intermediaries? When an agent really had a jury of creditors who were willing to give to someone and not check who they were and their own situation, does that mean that everyone gets a "yes" when they do? No such things as no credit check credit intermediaries exist.

Agents are intermediaries - they link borrower with lender. They do this way is to look at the kind of buyer a financing corporation wants to loan cash to and then match it up to certain borrowers. Thus, for a no credit check lending brokers to existen, there must be a number of no credit check lending providers.

We do not have any credit check loans lender. In 2014, short-term financial institutions and payment day creditors were subjected to very strict testing by the Financial Conduct Authority to ensure that they were honest and open to clients. A way in which short-term borrowers and payday borrowers demonstrate that they are "fair" is that they do not lend cash to those who cannot pay it back.

Every creditor must know about a client and his individual situation. They could be on a website without credit check loan brokers that say they have "soft searches" on your credit files that don't make a mark. That' s true, but a smooth quest does not tell a creditor everything he needs to know about a debtor.

It would be "unfair" and unaccountable for a creditor to give funds to a debtor on the basis of what is on his quest for softness. One thing they are not so clear about is that if they have found a creditor who is interested in loaning you cash, it is not a definite "yes".

Your creditor will only give you a definite "Yes" once he has carried out a full credit enquiry and you fulfil the requirements. Each creditor to whom this data is passed carries out a credit check. It is not mentioned on their "How It Works", "About", "Advice" or even their "Responsible Lending" page that the creditors referring to this website subject their candidates to a full credit check.

In order to find it, you need to go to the bottom of the request page where it says in very small letters: "I agree that a credit check can be done by a credit bureau". For many years we have been working with borrower and lender and adapting them to suit everyone.

Our team works with a body of reliable creditors, all of whom have access to credit according to uniquely defined rules. We and our creditors do everything in an open and transparent manner. Work only with businesses that tell you the true story from the beginning. We have not warned our customers of any credit check credit intermediaries for month.

Our clients are offered reliable, equitable and fast financing. When you apply through us, your chances of getting the right loans for you are much higher than when you go directly to the lender.

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