No Credit Credit Cards no Security Deposit

Credit cards no security deposit

What are the alternatives to prepaid credit cards? You got any prepaid credit for yourself? What is a prepaid line of credit? How come I can't see a payout option I used before?

Place on credit cards

Some cards are more identical than others, but all cards are the same. If you make a deposit on our website, you will find that it is possible to make a booking using certain credit cards. You can also use a credit in the name of a different individual than the one mentioned on the gift certificate.

Sometimes this can cause a misunderstanding about the use of credit cards on site. - you need a credit or debit/payment card to collect the car. Other than that, you need this credit card  in the name of the major rider, as stated on the receipt. It does not have to be the same credit or debit slip with which you made your reservation, but it does have to be: a credit or debit slip in the name of the principal rider.

This is because the credit cardholder will block a certain amount on the credit cardholder's deposit when the vehicle is collected. And if the amount of the deposit isn't on your coupon and you want to know what to look forward to, call us and one of our representatives (nice boys and girls, great US accent;)) will review it for you.

Sometimes, for some types of cars, you need two credit cards. If I don't have a credit or debitcard when I pick up the vehicle, what happens? Most likely, the vendor (polite but firm) will require you to take out extra coverage to lower the deductible and waive a deposit.

It is also possible for the vendor to reject the vehicle without a credit or debit cards to lock the deposit. In case you don't have a credit or debit cards and still want to rent a vehicle, please call us. The best advice you can get from our nice telephone representatives (did I say the accent?....) is how you can rent a vehicle from a vendor who takes your particular circumstances into account and what the demands are in such a case.

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