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This is Casa Heloc: House-Heloc - Beautiful house/360 degree views in San Miguel.....

The house is available for many week in 2018. Large, plant-filled side deck with outside eating and sitting areas and a safe place for your pet to hike. Roofs: Beautiful 360-degree panoramic vista of San Miguel, with panoramic vistas of La Parrochia and San Miguel Centro from the large rooftop garden, eating and sitting areas, fireplace and many flowers.

Mexico and US terrestrial TV including. It is a mix of Americans, Canadians and working hard Mexicoans, most of whom are 3 generations of large family. The house rules: The San Miguel community itself is very busy and solemn during the holiday season. Make the jump and buy your air tickets and book your place in the Casa de Heloc today!

Have you found this article useful? After having read this horrible and unreasonable early investigation, I almost canceled our visit. All in all my man and I really loved Casa Heloc - it was great that there was an internet telephone to use and many things like herbs were there for us.

Have you found this article useful? Have you found this article useful? She was very good with the meal she prepared! The handbook was very thorough and useful. At the bottom of the mountain we went to a place called "Hauptwiderstand" at the foot of the hills 5 nights for supper during the whole months we were there, which was only 15 minutes away by foot...local, familiar and very sensible and friendly...nice to be so near -Grill Torres.

A benefit of this situation is that you mainly live in normal mexican families. Have you found this article useful? Jan and Feb were at Casa Heloc. It'?s even better than the pictures. This handbook offers good information on how the home works, how to bottle potable and gaseous fluids, etc.

There is a wonderful view of the Centro and the Parroquia from the rooftop terrace. It' all part of the Mexico thing. The TV and telephones worked well most of the while. So much have we been enjoying our sojourn that we have already reserved for next year. Have you found this article useful? Janis..........I know it's rotten of me, but just take all the good things that have ever been said about Casa Heloc and at least duplicate it.

Yours faithfully, N & M. Have you found this reviewed useful? There is a shuttle to Centro (the Santa Julia bus) three block away (no buses in our Calle!). Light stroll from the villa to the Centro and back. The real prices vary depending on the day of the months you are staying.

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