Non Profit Counseling Services

Non-profit advisory services

The AFS Counseling Center, Natalia, Texas. Which is an optimal customer information management tool for a small non-profit consulting company? Customers are patiƫnten and cash is just a small part of the overall issue. There are many ways these customers can go through the healing processes, and we need to keep tracking all this information to execute different processing logics. Thus, for example, customer 1 may have to reach 3 different landmarks given by two different clinical teams.

Klinicians, admins and even the customers themselves would all bring in data/surveys at different points in the lifecycle.

Riverside Community Mental Health gets NHMB donation

Merrimack County Savings Bank (der Merrimack), MillRiver Wealth Management (MillRiver), Meredith Village Savings Bank (MVSB) et New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp (NHMB) versprachen 2.374 $ an Riverbend Community Mental Health. Nineteen other non-profit organizations also donated, among them the American Red Cross, the Boys & Girls Club of Central NH, Central NH VNA & Hospice, the Circle Program, the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness, the Concord Family YMCA, David's House, the Friendly Kitchen,

Genetic Behavioural Behaviour Heath, Habitat for Humanity, Laconia Area Community Land Trust, Lakes Region Child Care Services, Nashua Soup Kitchen & Accommodation, New Beginnings, NH Food Bank, NH Humane Society, Pope Memorial SPCA, Salvation Army and Second Start. The Riverbend Community Mental health centre was established in 1963 and is a privately owned, non-profit organisation that provides specialised behavioural services to more than 7,000 New Hampshire based adult, child and family members.

Key services are 24-hour emergencies, counselling for infants, adolescents and family members, drug and convalescence services for people aged 18 and over, municipal assistance, professional services and housing programmes for adult and senior citizens. The New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp, a mutually owned parent corporation, was established in 2013 as two New Hampshire-based joint ventures, Meredith Village Savings Bank and Merrimack County Savings Bank, forming the first New Hampshire cooperative of its kind.

It has enabled banks to harness each other's strength when working together to develop a common view of how to maintain and improve their common bank norms and core beliefs. In 2015, MillRiver Wealth Management became NHMB's third affiliate, bringing together the MVSB and The Merrimack finance businesses.

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