Non Profit Credit Counseling Agency

non-profit credit advisory office

It's a non-profit agency supported by United Way. Advice before insolvency application Credit advice - user contract There are 3 stages to Pre-Filing Credit Counseling. Review your Finance Review - A Credit Advisor will prepare a Finance Review upon completing the course on-line. Credit advisors are at your disposal and finance research is carried out in the hour from 8:00 - 20:00 PST. The debtor (s) are notified by e-mail that the investment research is available for review.

In order to gain insight into the analyses, you must log on to the website again. After the preparation of the audit, 24 hour a day, 7 working days a week account is available for verification. Interact ing with the Credit Advisor - After checking the Loan Advisor's Loan Process, debtors confirm that they have checked the provided advice and are given the option to talk to a Loan Advisor about any grade or subject of the Loan Advisor's Loan Process or a detailed Loan Advisor's Loan Advisor's Recommendation.

This course will not be deemed completed until the compulsory on-line Secured Messaging with Credit Counsellor has taken place after completing the on-line part. Schedule of Charges, includes all charges associated with the issuance of the Certificates; the credit advice order charges are $24 for individuals and $25 for Applicants in common, we do not invoice a seperate or supplemental issuance rate.

Guidelines that allow customers to receive free or discounted consulting fees due to the customer's inability to pay: The Credit Counseling course is offered for every pupil, regardless of the pupil's capacity to cover the course fees. Allow one working week for handling before attending the course.

Notification will be sent by e-mail with directions on how to attend the course. In case you do not have a return, please submit a certificate stating that you fulfil the requirements (e.g. social security certificate). Guideline regarding restricted English-speaking customers; $0$ BK Classic, Inc. provides its service in Spanish and German only.

In the event that the Borrower wants to attend the course in a different country than the above languages, $0$ BK Class, Inc. will immediately direct the Borrower to an accredited supplier offering the course in the Borrower's native country free of charge. Financing source of the agency; Our financing source comes from the levying of course charges.

This includes pre-application advice and debtor training charges. Consultant qualification; Our Credit counsellors are awarded biennial accreditation by a third person who provides accreditation and training to credit counsellors. Executives have at least 5 years of credit business or 5 years of finance business practice.

Once the complete statement (including the on-line part, AND on-line messages to a credit consultant) has been finalised, we provide a company internal finishing certification (by e-mail to the main e-mail addressee in the file). If, at the moment of registering, the defendant asks for the attestation to be sent by e-mail to his authorised representative, he is alone liable for verifying with his authorised representative the delivery of the attestation.

In case the borrower needs such a service, we direct you back to the authorised providers page at:, where the borrower can find and select a supplier offering such a service. Note that the borrower may be charged extra charges in relation to such extra work. Creditor must be advised that $0$ BK Class, Inc. may provide creditor information to the United States Trustee in conjunction with the United States Trustee's supervision of $0$ BK Class, Inc.

The United States Trustee has only verified the credit advisory capabilities of the Agency and its credit advisory capabilities as a course participant in finance administration under 11 U.S.C. 111(d), and the United States Trustee has not verified or authorized any other client relationship related capabilities of the Agency.

Only if the obligor provides the complete advisory service does the obligor obtain a certification. The diplomas are recognised for 180 consecutive years. Certifications are only awarded for the working weekday on which the full course (including the on-line part AND the on-line message with a credit counselor) is complete.

Once a certification has elapsed, the student must repeat the course to obtain a new certification. To check the identities of each student attending the grade, each student is asked to give his/her last four National Insurance numbers, date of birthday and his/her own details before enrolling and attending the grade.

After completing this on-line enrolment, each borrower receives a clear "access code" by e-mail. Please be aware that if you later complete our training as a borrower before your dismissal, a new and different "access code" will be sent to you by e-mail for this course. Bk Class, Inc. is eligible to offer Pre-Filing Credit Counseling and Pre-Discharge Debtor Education in all states of the United States.

Binding Disclaimer: Approves the issuance of credit certificate (s) attesting the conclusion of a credit counseling course and a course in individual finance administration in accordance with insolvency law. The authorisation does not support or ensure the service provided by a supplier.

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