Nonprofit Financial Counseling

Non-profit financial advice

Get practical help for your financial problems. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association God doesn't necessarily punish you for something you did wrong. Mmm. Our living is in a dead, sinful environment, and therefore our living is not always the way we want it to be. Simultaneously, God often has teachings to us to teach when we are confronted with difficulties and adversities.

It can also use the harsh experience of living to remove the corners and ridges of our existence and to transform us into the human beings it wants us to be.

Did you ever stop asking God what He wants to do in your lifetime through this experiment? Praying the doctrine of the Psalm ist was: "Show me your ways, Lord, show me your ways" (Psalm 25:4). So what's he gonna tell you? Maybe He wants to alter your attitudes; maybe He wants to give you new aims in your world.

No matter what it is, put Christ first in your lives and then ask Him to help you rely on Him and not let the things of this earth squash you or domineer your mind. Get hands-on help for your financial troubles. Maybe a smart business man in your parish or a non-profit financial advisory firm in your parish can help you find ways to address your debt and budgeting your finance.

Often God hears our prayer by introducing into our life those who can help us.

If you can't afford to owe your doctor's bill, what can you do?

Approximately a fourth of US adult residents - 26 per cent - say they or someone in their home has had trouble billing doctors in the last 12 month, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. This means that 1 in 4 humans are struggling to afford healthcare. "Unfortunately, financial distress is a fact of life for many and financial distress spreads to other parts of our life and causes emotions," said Araceli Whitwam-Sell of the Douglas County UW-Extension Bureau.

If you can't afford your doctor's bill, what can you do? If you don't have healthcare coverage, find out what low priced programmes you can apply for. If you have healthcare coverage, call your insurer and ask if you have been billed the right amount. Call the bureau that sent you the invoice and verify the fees.

It can be a local health center, a physician's practice, a clinical center or another one. Ask to speak to a financial advisor. Have them know you're having difficulty getting your bill paid. Ask to submit an application for cover or financial assistance to lower your bill. The most important thing is not to disregard your invoices.

Delayed or omitted repayments can compromise your creditworthiness and go to a collecting agent. Almost 20 per cent of U.S. consumer with loan history - 42.9 million individuals - have outstanding health debts, according to a 2014 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau survey. The majority of doctors' practices will talk about paying schedules, so don't be scared to ask for help.

Eligibility is available for programmes that help you create a payment schedule for your invoices. Phone 211 and ask for help finding a financial advisor or a non-profit loan advisory firm. Can' t pay my medical bill" is available on-line at and provides step-by-step guidance on how to proceed if you have problems with the payment of your doctor's bill.

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