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They would, however, be mistaken because they are getting a grip on the credit markets. Which is a back posting? Your order has been shipped or your service has been rendered and you have been charged by credit card. Cardholder cancelled the transactions. Which is a back posting?

A credit card is a worldwide favorite form of credit card payments. Especially from the consumer's point of view, since the transactions can be cancelled up to 180 working days after receipt of the goods.

For this purpose, the card holder must contact his own banking institution and state the reasons why the payment should be cancelled. Next, we'll notify you of the reversal. Once the originator has accepted the reversal, it is always made and the cost is subtracted (?19.00 excluding VAT). It is possible to oppose the reversal.

We are given a justification number by the banks. You use this identifier to indicate why a back posting was made. Cardholder declares that it did not carry out the transactions itself. Submitting a successfully filed opposition to a charge back for a non-use of 3-D Secure operation is very challenging.

Cardholder does not consent to the repeat transactions made. Documentation and mail demonstrating that the transactions took place in accordance with arrangements may be used to lodge an opposition. In the case of bodily products: Trace & Trace to the cardholder's postal account, stating that they have actually been supplied.

In the case of digitised goods or provision of services: related documentation proving that the goods or provision of the service has been made. It can be hard to complain because the cause can be more particular. Consumers were expecting a reimbursement (e.g. by sending back the products) but did not get it. Objections may be lodged by showing that the reimbursement may have been dealt with in some other way.

As soon as we have received the batchback reports, we will immediately forward them to you. Then you can lodge an appeal within a few workingdays. If the opposition is passed on to the banking institution, it will take 45 working days for us to know whether the opposition has been upheld. If the opposition is not denied after 45 working Days, we will cancel the charge back to the relevant balance.

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