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Reconstruct credit with a personal loan

* You may have the credit rating of the borrower to determine the amount of the credit. AvantCredit is a trade name of AvantCredit of UK, LLC. The company reference number is 727347. The authorisation can be found in the Financial Services Register at ZA001503 is our registry number.

Take a judgement from the district court off your balance.

When you are taken to court for debt, such as credit cards or banks, these cases are usually handled by a district court, where a judgement of the district court or a CCJ can be issued against you. Obtaining a CCJ can have serious consequences if it is not promptly processed and deleted from your credit file as it can make it almost impossible for you to lend money and even stop an employer from recruiting you.

However, there are only three ways to have a CCJ deleted or to avoid it being initially recorded despite the commitments of doubtful credit repair firms. Though a CCJ can appear in the credit record within a few working days of the judgement if you act quickly and the guilt is fully settled within a period of one months, its particulars are then deleted from the register of court judgments and fines.

When it is settled within this period and the court is notified, it is as if it had never been registered. It is the liability of the payee debtor to notify the Court, and if he does not, the Court will not know of the payout and the CCJ will not remove the official record.

Once the indebtedness has been discharged, it is advisable to ask the believer to certify whether he has notified the court. It may be that you have to inform the court yourself if the believer has not done so. When the CCJ is subsequently purchased, you may receive a CCJ Proof of Contentment and the CCJ will be flagged as Contented in the Official Registry.

Paying off the loan does not take the CCJ out of your credit file. Admittedly, this makes it somewhat simpler to obtain loans. The CCJ will, in a nutshell, remain in the registry, but the credit check will also show that you have already repaid what you owe, albeit not on schedule. Unaccompanied judgments of the Regional Court are shown to be unsatisfactory.

It shall contain information on the ACJs for six years from the date of the judgement. The CCJ will be deleted from your credit file at the end of this time. The CCJ will still be taken away even if it is not payed, and it will be too late now for the believer to get it through.

When the CCJ has been in the registry for some while, wait may be the best choice for you. But if it is new, you should consider whether you can afford yourself to be hanging on for six years with a bad creditworthiness. If a CCJ is a "standard judgment," you can request that it be overturned.

This type of judgement is given if the respondent does not recognise or plead the case. It is not a standard verdict if you participated in the trial when the verdict was passed. Similarly, if you have responded to the demand and admit guilt, then it will not be a judgement by default. What is more, if you have answered to the demand and admit guilt, then it will not be a judgement by default. Your decision will be final.

When you can show the court that there is a chance of successfully filing the suit or another valid ground for allowing you to file the suit, you can have the CCJ overturned. A court may also revoke a judgement if you did not take part in the sitting for important reasons.

When it is revoked, the CCJ will immediately be deleted from the registry and there will be no recording of it. The court must, in the exercise of its judgement to annul a CCJ, consider whether or not you made the request immediately. In some cases it is possible to have a CCJ deleted from the registry.

Nonetheless, disloyal credit repair agents can make pledges they cannot keep.

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