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The best way to stay in control of your finances is to review your Experian credit report with Experian CreditExpert*. Go get yours here for free. Could anyone get a free credit report? As part of the agreement, victims of ID fraud and financially vulnerable persons have free access to their credit reports.

Get your free credit report in a few min.

For Ferratum, conscientious credit granting is nothing new. If you are applying for a short-term credit either on-line or via our quick and simple text options, we will handle this using a real-time credit report. Once you click Submit, everything goes very quickly and the credit review is done. CallCredit is now working with us to provide you with the best credit advisory service.

CallCredit, our affiliate, provides this free of charge and promises you a lifetime of trouble. And if you are already a client, we would like to welcome you to our quick and easy text services.

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Your personally identifiable information or e-mail will never be sold to third parties. Anytime you can unsubscribe or unsubscribe to our mailing list to get our promotional mail. By registering for the use of our website service, you give us your personally identifiable information. These include your name, your present and past postal adress, your date of birth, your e-mail adress, your payment/card data and your pass word.

This information is used to help us maintain, deliver and maintain our credit report service for you. Every times you browse our site, we receive information about the equipment you use to connect to our service, your physical locations, and your IP number. Equifax is the UK credit bureau we use to prepare your credit report.

In order to obtain your credit report, we must communicate your name, your present and former address and your date of Birth to Equifax. Equifax collects personally identifiable information about you in accordance with an Equifax privacy statement. When you register to use our service, we have a right to use your personal information because you designate us as your agent for the purpose of fulfilling your legal right to obtain information about you from credit agencies, and the information needs to be processed in order for us to offer you credit inquiry service and, if you so wish, to act on your behalf to resolve disputes about your credit inquiry.

Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties except for apparent reasons and to combat cheating. Please note that at no point will we ever resell your personal information or e-mail to any third parties or allow third parties to use your e-mail for any other use.

In order to help us avoid misuse of our site and frauds, we disclose information about you and the use of our site (but not your credit report data) to reputable ISPs and anti-fraud agents to help them and us identify, deter, and otherwise investigate illegal or alleged malicious web activities on our own sites and sites that others own and operate.

There is no way that your personal information can be transmitted securely over the web, so we cannot ensure the safety of your personal information during your transfer. Occasionally we must discontinue service while investigating any attempt to violate safety. We also take appropriate precautions to safeguard your personal information when it is stored.

We use your payment/card information to administer your subscriptions with us. Are we using your personal data for advertising reasons? All information you provide to us will not be used by third parties for their own promotional use. Should you decide not to receive such communications from us, you may do so at any given moment by following the appropriate links at the bottom of each e-mail.

When you use our IM system, we ask you a question on the basis of your credit report. Your answers are saved and used for authentification handling, surveillance, and antifraud. We may need to more thoroughly verify your authenticity from case to case.

This is always because we try to make sure that we only give your credit report to you. Information is held in accordance with our information storage policies. Storage times depend on the length of your personal information we need to store in order to provide and maintain our service to you.

Our need for the use of your personal data is regularly checked in all cases and information that is no longer needed is discarded. If Credit Reporting Agency Ltd changes ownership, what happens? You have the right to obtain certain personal data that we have stored about you in accordance with the General Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR).

We formally respond by providing information about the personal information we have about you, which includes the following: If you are not a registred client of ours, please notice that we will not store any personal data for you. In order to be able to exercise your right of free movement, please register on our website and secure your information and let us know that you wish to be able to use your right of free movement in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

If, for any reasons, you are unable to login, you may still assert your rights to the benefit in kind by sending us a letter at the below mentioned e-mail and informing us of your full name and any prior name you may have used, your full actual postal code, including any prior postal code you have used in the last six years, and your date of birth. Please note that you may not be able to login to the website for any reasons.

The reason for this is that each application for correction of the credit information stored by us: Sign up and submit a secure messaging and we will inform you of the fastest and most effective way to correct bugs with your legal privileges under other Acts. In order to exercise your right, please register and secure your information, and ask us to delete your personal information.

Please be aware that deleting the information we hold will not delete your credit report information from Equifax. Where you have recently made a purchase to us, we will delete your details on a routine basis at your option, but no sooner than 120 working days after the date of your last purchase.

The reason for this is that your personal information may be needed by us to defend against any possible demands in connection with this transfer. In the past, if you have had a disagreement with us about any issue, such as a settlement disagreement, we will decline to delete your information as a routine procedure because it is necessary for us to establish, maintain or defend a right.

You have the right, with certain exceptions, to obtain from us a limitation on your use of the data if any of the following applies: Upon your wish, we will make information about these receivers available to you. With the exception of our on-line authentification system, we do not perform any automatic process that may result in an automatic choice on the basis of your personal data.

To offer the highest levels of responsiveness to our customers, we need to store precise personal information about you. us take appropriate measures to safeguard the correctness of the personal data or sensible information received from us. You are advised to check this Privacy Policy from period to period to make sure that you are informed of any changes we have made.

There will be no material changes to the way we use the information you have already provided to us without your consent or as allowed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Is used to administer your meeting on the website - so you can browse pages and gain security restricted areas.

Is used to administer your meeting on the website - so you can browse pages and gain security restricted areas. Is used to administer your meeting on the website - so you can browse pages and gain security restricted areas. Google uses it to deliver information for its Google Analytics services, which give us in-depth information about how our website works, which areas have problems and which are the most liked parts of the website we try to optimize.

Google uses it to deliver information for its Google Analytics services, which give us in-depth information about how our website works, which areas have problems and which are the most liked parts of the website we try to optimize.

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