Od against Property

Opportunities against property

Uncovered loans are more expensive than loans secured against your property. Creditworthy customers with a good track record of their lending habits who have acquired real estate in their own name with good repayment capacity. We offer home loans, real estate loans, working capital conditions, OD/CC, project loans, business loans. Material movable property is the term used to describe movable property. And you can also finance yourself against orders or even auction off your invoices!

The Bank of Baroda " Corporate clients " Credit products

Borrower's loan/overdraft against our Bank's own securities custody accounts, which are kept at every Bank of Baroda office. Credits/overdrafts are also granted against contributions from third parties to our bank. Suitable for individual persons, common accountholders, individual enterprises, partnerships, public companies, etc. Business loans: The Bank provides fund-based and non-fund-based trade finance, project finance, working capital, acquisition and credit lines up to 7 years.

Commercial finance - buyer credit, supplier credit, discounting of bills under LC, standby letter of credit etc. Entitled for individual enterprises, partner societies, restricted Enterprises etc. In addition, the EIB may, if justified, consider the possibility of granting immaterial security, including individual warranties, encumbrances of patents or company value.

Non-fund services :

corporate clients

A non-formal demand for payment is when you do not notify us in writing and make payment from your bank details which, if handled by us, would result in it being exceeded or an established formal demand for payment being exceeded. In the case of loosely negotiated current accounts where you have an established formal credit line and you exceed it, we will calculate interest at the interest rates for credit up to your credit line and our Business Standard Debit Interest Rates for each outstanding amount above your established credit line.

You may expect to make regular informally requested arrears billing applications, but it is preferable to make a regular arrears billing application in anticipation. In the case of arrears negotiated at unofficial application, arrears fees shall be charged on each working weekday on which the unofficial arrears persist. Excess fee per business working days varies according to whether the debited or credit side of the bank is above its official limits or is excessive without a properly negotiated limits.

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