Official Credit Report

Credit Report

In order to ensure a true representation, we use a collection of official data sources. It'?s credit: Improving your credit rating Voter Directory InformationThese are public and contain information on your home and place of work. Judicial filesCounty Courts judgements (CCJs), decrees, IPAs, insolvencies and other judicial debts orders indicate whether you have a history or not of debts issues. Find, Adress, and Related DataThis may include data sets from other creditors who have browsed your files when you requested credit, addressees with whom you are affiliated, or other individuals with whom you have a personal relationship.

Large utilities carry out tough credit audits, which go into your record. Banks, savings and loan associations, utilities and other organizations use credit bureaus to provide information on all their banking behavior on credit/memory card, credit, mortgage, banking card, power and wireless communications agreements over the past six years.

First and most frequent kind of information is the "standard data", which shows where you are located. Certain creditors also divide "complete data". It may include how you manage the bank in general, from sample client to outage. A few, like Barclaycard, Capital One, GE Money and MBNA, split the amount you also pay back (if it's the least, or if you pay it back in full) and whether you have a commercial business (plus if you use credit cards advance money you should NEVER use).

It may mean that creditors can sort out better if they only play the system. Furthermore, day of payment loans are now usually notified, while threshold creditors are required by law to disclose the information they have about you.

An important consumer benefit

It is our pleasure to inform you that we have won the title of Best Credit Report Provider at the Moneynet Personal Finance Awards 2018. In the FinTech section, the prize was awarded and we were excited when the mounted prize ended up in the TM Towers on 2 January - a great opportunity to crack 2018. "We focus on developing the best product for our clients.

They give us a great deal of feed-back and it's great to get credit from the representatives of the business. "As part of the offering, clients also get a Borrowing Power report that shows credit card holders for whom they are entitled and have a good shot of being approved without a trace in their files.

We have already won the Credit Awards 2017 for Innovation in Customer Contact in appreciation of our smart messaging services.

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