On the Spot Credit Card Approval

on-site credit card approval

Recognizing and avoiding financial fraud. Which name ID does the credit card application have on it? Preview St. Anthony I have an OD at Herbos. Previously it was a students bankroll so my OD was interest-free but now there is an interest payment (which will be £29-£31 per months from the new regulations which start in December).

Also I have an Alliance and Leicester Premium Direkt checking bank in which I deposit my salaries.

Got a Lloyds TSB credit card (no balance) and recently shut down a HBOS credit card (which had a few delayed payment a few years ago). I' ve been given a "guaranteed acceptance" of the Santander Zero card (probably via my AP &L account), but as already stated, I cannot make a bank wire from my OD bankroll.

From what I can see, the only option to withdraw the OD with my bank card (cash?) would be to send the OD to the zero bank and therefore charge interest for the period BT needed, although probably less than a 2.5%-3% surcharge.

Assistance - Santander credit card issues

CREDITS CARTERS HIT CREDITS! See Cashback Credit Card and Official APR Examples for more information. See Low Cost Credit Card Loans & Official APR Examples for more information. Approximately four months ago I requested a Santander credit card on-line (I have an Abbey bankroll, so I thought that would be the best choice) and I'm already having trouble.

{\pos (192,210)}I didn't get anything in the mail, so I phoned several time to find out what was going on. First I was said that the card would be with me within a few working days, then the second that I was said the same thing, then the third that they said that my job had been rejected, and in a few working days I would get something by mail to let me know what to do next, but that I could go to Experian to verify my creditworthiness first and then file an appeals when I got the papers.

and it was okay. I still hadn't got anything after a whole weeks wait for the note saying I was rejected, so I phoned Abbey again today. Four telephone conversations were needed to get through (at some point the call center even put down), and when I got through, the man said to me that I had not been rejected, but that the insurers had gone through a "decline", saying that they thought I should be rejected.

Abbey said he had started an roll call on my name because they thought I should have the card and that they would be informed by December 24 so I should call back. Said also that I could mail my credit reports to the writers if I wanted to strengthen my case.

He said that I still hadn't gotten anything from the abbey by mail, and if it wasn't because of my vocation, I wouldn't know what was going on. In this case my experiences with Santander/Abbey client services are so poor - everyone was impolite and said various things to me - that I no longer believe I want a credit card with them, but I warn against canceling this request while it has a "decline" and requesting another one for which I can be rejected again if it affects my creditworthiness.

Abbey man said I should not request another within 6 month of requesting this credit card, but I must have one by February as it is work expenditure.

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