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A Reverse Mortgage LLC is a Quicken Loans Company: An interview with Reverse Mortgage Details: Refinanced recently for the second time with Quicken Loans. A Reverse Mortgage Interviews Queries In May 2013 I did an interviewee at One Reverse Mortgage (Detroit, MI (US)). There was no procedural procedure of interviewing me, just a telephone call to get fundamental information about me and my experiences so far. It took more than four and a half years. to One Reverse Mortgage (Detroit, MI (US)).

Well, I was applying through a recruitment agency.

It took two and a half months. In September 2014 I did an interview with One Reverse Mortgage (Detroit, MI (US)). First I was contacted by a Quicken Loans recruitment agent on the telephone, then I was personally contacted by the head of the group, the client management and the next people I would work with.

and we' ll check it out. We' re sorry, but your feed-back didn't make the squad.

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When you want to work harder and you don't care about working late and a few Saturdays, you can write a proper salary check. Become more knowledgeable and get education and better training in the way you do your jobs and set a good example, and you would be treated with respect. Get your business leading - albeit much less with budgetary cutbacks these times.

The distribution managment is terrible. They' re old-school ball-busters, not solutions-oriented. Bring in a new manager.

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Installment One Reverse Mortgage, LLC? They were very competent and responded to all my queries regarding a reverse mortgage. It was all fast and simple. I' m definitely gonna refer my retirement buddies to One Reverse Mortgage. Initially occupied with James Michalski, he was excellent. My own company has had to be involved on several occasions in the recurring question making procedure.

Brandon Foster in distribution and Melanie Paulsen in underwriting were both articulated, enjoyable, informative and effective in underlining our unique needs and tailored their products to them. You have given clear responses to our queries and smart financial queries. It was a fast moving forward trial - and a gentle one when needed, while they manage what felt like being friends while we were in Marion, Massachusetts, and both of them were in San Diego, California.

This was a straightforward and simple procedure. This is a very enjoyable event ~ very recommendable! The collaboration with Quicken (and its employees?) seemed to be a very trustworthy one. In time I got a call back and all my queries were answer. It' a big move for my man and me and we had a whole bunch of question.

You have all been patients and respected throughout the entire trial. It was a great working relationship with Brandon Foster. He was a very optimistic man to work with. I' d definitely suggest one reverse. Some of the changes we made to our Reverse Mtg loans were done quite recently, and everyone was merciful and courteous.

All I can do is commend them at the highest levels. It was a great whole from beginning to end. Initially we tried to use Quicken to fund loans, but our loan was too low at the moment. One Reverse approached us soon after and the trial was quickly launched and completed.

Roderick and Abby were both involved; they were always kind, civil, polite, competent and supportive. Roderick was the one we had most to do with, and he was very sympathetic and kind, personally interested in our circumstances and how best to help us. In any case, we would highly recommend one lapel to anyone and everyone whose lives could be made easy by a reverse mortgage.

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