Online Application for Housing Loan

On-line application for housing loans

Submit your application online | The Housing Executive (Touch) Please review the following information about proofs of identification and credentials before you begin the process. This will help you to fill in the correct information and to accelerate the process. Do you: a housing lessee? a housing lessee? who receives income support / income based unemployment benefit / income based unemployment benefit or guarantee annuity credits?

a full time unemployed applicant?

Have you received housing benefits in the last three years? to check the remainder of the information before filling out our online application forms. Please refer to the information on proving your ID if you replied no. Evidence of your and your partner's identities (if applicable): NI / GB / Ireland Driver's license; EU Member State ID cards; Election ID cards; *EWR citizens or other citizens of the four corners of the globe MUST present a European ID document or a European Union ID document when presenting one.

We can take this into consideration when we calculate the housing benefit if you are paying for childcare. An individual, not a relation of the infant, who takes charge of all or most of the child's needs in the orphanage (a childcare attestation is not necessary in this case). Evidence of payment. Your lessor or his representative should complete the online confirmation form.

Accelerate the review; fill it out online. Shortly before the launch you have the following at hand: If I don't have all the proof right now, what if I don't? Don't be afraid, if you haven't collected all your proofs, you can still launch, store or post your request. Then you can give us online proof later.

Proof must be submitted to us within one week of submission of the application. Delaying the transmission of the information will slow down the evaluation because we need the information to get started.

Local taxes and benefits - Housing allowance

What is my right to use? And if you're not sure whether you're eligible for housing allowance or council tax support, please try our computer below. If you wish to make a complaint, please go to the How to Claims Benefit page for more information. Remember that the Performance Calculator gives you an estimation of how much performance you are eligible for.

As soon as your eligibility has been checked by the Claims Department, your decision on your real eligibility will be made. Housing allowance payment is limited to the following amount: - The housing allowance payment is limited to the amount of the housing allowance: When you are not working, your limit on housing allowance is limited so that you can get a weekly total of 500 for a pair or relative or 350 for a lone individual in all payments.

There is a 50p per weekly housing subsidy limit. Your level of benefits depends on your home incomes, your assets, your familial situation and whether you are covered by the upper limit. When you rent from a privately owned lessor, your maximal housing grant payment is calculated on the basis of the tariffs of the local housing grant.

You can reduce your benefits if other adult people live with you - such as adult children. It is your responsibility to pay the balance between the real rental and the amount of the benefits. What is the calculation of my housing allowance? When your earnings are less than or the same as your eligible amount, you will get the highest amount of benefits.

When your earnings exceed your eligible amount, you must make your own contribution to your rental. What is the calculation of my amount? The amount due will consist of a donation and any â??premiumsâ to which you are eligible. Supplementary benefits are granted if you have dependent infants for whom you receive benefits.

Bonuses are paid if you are a dependant child within a household, if you are over 60 years of age, or if you are receiving a qualified government allowance for invalidity or care of people with disabilities. What is the method of calculating my earnings and capital? Incomes: Incomes from all origins are taken into consideration when calculating the housing allowance and the tax advantage of the main scheme.

A part of the incomes is not taken into account in whole or in part, but is nevertheless taken into account in the valuation - some kinds of incomes are completely ignored, but may lead to a higher requirement (applicable amount) when computing the claim. The following are some instances of unrecognised income:

Labour tax credits and children's tax credits are also partially excluded if the distinction contains the 30 hr credits. Pairs in which one of the partners works 16 workinghours or more a week and the other is eligible for a "?disability premium" or the "?higher retiree premium" when calculating the housing allowance and/or the municipal tax allowance are also eligible for childcare assistance.

Subscribed capital: It takes into consideration funds from all origins, such as non-interest earning checking deposits, saving deposits, home loan and savings deposits, equities, ISAâ??s, mutual funds, premium bonds and any other type of application. When you have a second home, a vacation home or a vacation home, these are taken into consideration when evaluating your assets.

Certain capitals, such as a real estate home inhabited by an older relatives, are not taken into account. When you are of working age the first £6000 will not be taken into account. The first £10,000 of your pension fund will not be taken into account if you are of retirement age. £10,000 is the first £10,000. When your overall funds are above the amount of equity neglect, the advice is based on a fictitious revenue of £1.00 for every £250 (or part of £250) of equity you have above the neglected equity ceiling (this will rise to £500 for claims over 60 years).

You are not entitled to apply for housing allowance or municipal tax allowance if your assets exceed £16,000. When you have other adult with you - such as adult children or daughter, an older relatives or a boyfriend - your performance can be slashed. There is no reduction in your benefits if the other adult is under 25 and receives either earnings support or income-based unemployment benefits.

But even if the other adult receives incomes support or income-based unemployment benefits, they will be deducted from your housing benefit if they are over 25 years old. When the other adult workers do not get social assistance or income-based unemployment benefits, a reduction is made even if they do not work.

Amount of the deductible (known as â??COPY18-dependent deductionâ???) is dependent on the revenue of the other individual being an adult or the individual you are living with. When all other grown-ups with you have a low level of incomes - and if you are the only individual accountable for municipal tax - you may be able to benefit from an alternative maximum municipal tax benefit even if you have a high level of incomes or have more than 16,000 of assets.

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