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Blue Barclays Awards

In order to review and review your awards, review your data, or terminate Barclays Blue Awards, you need online or Barclays Mobile banking accountability. Earn up to 7 per month for bank transactions with us - you will get 3. 50 cash back per Month for each of your first 2 direct debit transactions.

It will be shown as "Blue royalties fee" on your invoice. Barclays offers to terminate Barclays Bluewards if the bonuses you deserve are lower than the total amount of the subscription fees. Simply let us know via Online Banking or your Barclays Mobile Banking application. Get a £3. 50 bonus for each of your first 2 direct debit transactions, up to 7 per month. Get a 3. 50 bonus for each of your first 2 direct debit transactions, up to 7 per calendar year.

If you have taken out or are taking out a home loan with us, you can receive our 5 pound per annum home loan rewards. They are only suitable for this rewards on a home loan at any given moment and it is not available on our buy-to-let home loans or personal loans concluded before 2003. Receive 1 each £1 on a loan rewards each months if you have completed or are completing a Barclayloan with us.

You' re only entitled to the reward for the loan: If you are in default with your payments, there are outstanding debts or we are writing off your credit, we can stop payment of your credit premium. In order to be entitled to this award, you must first participate in the Barclays Blue Rewards or do so within 30 workingdays of the date of inception of the contract.

When you have your policies for more than 30 calendar days, you are no longer entitled to them until they are renewed. Barclays Blue Wards membership does not affect your right under your membership agreement. You are only entitled to the Home Loyalty Reward for the Home Insurances on one policy at a given point in your life. So long as you have Barclays Blue Rewards:

If you are renewing your policies, loading your loans, changing interest rate, borrowing more, changing home or mortgages from another creditor, please review what fidelity premium you will receive with your new mortgages, loans or household contents policies. You can also have us adding or removing your own item awards. We will notify you 2 month in advance before you make any changes, and if you do not accept the changes, you can void your Barclays Blue Awards free of cost in Online banking or our free Portable Banking-app.

Once you quit Barclays Blue Rewards and join later, you will need to purchase or upgrade new home coverage from us to be eligible for the Home Loyalty Reward. Wherever you are purchased from our cash back merchants, you will receive a 1% increase in cash back in addition to the regular cash back tariff.

Leaving Barclays Blue Rewards you will only receive the normal cash back. We will deposit your refund into your Rewards Wallet as 2 seperate transaction. There will be one for the default cash back and the other for the extra 1% raised cash back as part of Barclays Blue Rewards.

Get a premium if you take out a non-advisory life insurance plan (the "policy") between 1 April 2017 and 30 September 2017 at the local office or online and then take out it within the time limit specified in the plan or 90 working days from the date of the plan request (whichever is later). The following months' premiums will be disbursed in the same way.

  • Client who are not Blue Revenue members at the end of the calendar year in which the first premiums under the policies are due are not entitled to the premiums. When your policies are terminated within the first 12 moths, your premiums will be disbursed until the termination takes effect, after which premiums will stop being disbursed.

Quotation is restricted to one award per member of Bluewards. The Barclays company has the right to change and/or cancel this promotion without prior notification. - If a client is not enrolled as a member of BluRewards at the end of the calendar year in which the first policy payment is due, that client will not be entitled to the policy.

Every three months we levy a £3 surcharge. Your first montly subscription will be charged in the following months after your participation in Barclays Bluewards. In your declaration it will be displayed as "Blue Revards fee". In order to make Barclays Bluewards, you must do two things every year: you must do two things, and you must do two things to win: If you do these two things in the last week-end, we will be adding all standard products'loyality bonuses (including all acceptance rewards) or increased cash back to your wallet on the second business of every week-end.

We will keep the Site up to date with new promotions for which you can be eligible, and we will post on the Site an explanation of how and when you can receive these Barclays Blue Awards and the applicable Supplemental Conditions. We' ll include any reward you deserve in your reward wallet that you can tap into via Online Banking or Barclays Mobile Banking.

Barclays Blue Revards can be cancelled at any given moment via either Online Banking or the Barclays Mobile Banking application. Barclays Blue Rewards: Barclays Blue Awards will not be charging you a subscription for the next few month. We will always keep you up to date on the awards you receive and how they can evolve over the years.

Barclays Blue Awards will provide you with information about your Barclays Blue Awards using text, e-mail, cloud it and other digitized means.

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