Online Borrowing

On-line borrowing

Borrowing, renewal and reservation of library books, CDs, DVDs and computer games. Any books that are not included in our online library catalogue. Loan, update and order your library book LSE employees, LSE undergraduates, and LSE graduates can lend a book. Importantly, you should send back copies of your book requests from other people. Remember, you won't be able to replace objects needed by others.

First line indicates the operator typ and second line indicates the source from which the source comes and ends with a count of article columns.

Every borrower can lend the main library for 90 workingdays, unless we ask you to give them back before. The LSE student can lend the course book for 3-day. They can be borrowed for 7 working day by LSE employees, doctoral candidates and employees. In the first row, the system displays the name of the current users. Second and third columns show the kind of collections.

In order to guarantee a fairly distribution of the materials, we have a procedure where you can order a copy of the publication to be given to another person. Once a library you are looking for is borrowed, it will be displayed in the Library Search as: Click the Get it section of the data set and select Requests.

Send your inquiry by selecting the Enquiry button. Usually this procedure lasts 3 to 7 workdays. Executives and LSE students: Interlibrary loan for graduates and visitors: You' ll see the book lists you rented. Choose Refresh All or Refresh Selected. You cannot extend a book that has been ordered by another user and must return it by the due date.

If we don't have the materials you need for your research, you can order them from our LSE employees and interns. Welcome suggestions for the inclusion of materials in our collection. Learn more about creating referrals for the materials you want to purchase.

taking up of credit

Up to 30 articles from the special storeys as well as 4 articles from the short credit book can be borrowed by current and former members of the team. Your identity cards and your personal identification number (PIN) are required. Only use your own ID and if you use someone else's ID your rights may be revoked.

There is an automated extension guideline in the libary for most articles in inventory. Borrowing a borrowed article from a bank requires 7 days for its refund OR extension. When due, the lending period is extended by another 7 days at the request of the librarian.

Successfully, you do not need to do anything to renew the borrowing limit yourself. An e-mail will be sent to you informing you that the article is due for restitution to the Bibliothek if it cannot be extended. Always try to give the items back as soon as possible in reply to these notifications.

If no one else is requesting your loan(s), the maturity extension ends after 12 month. The purpose of this Directive is to minimize the losses of holdings in libraries and to guarantee that long-term loans are available to those who so wish. Below is a list of loans that are not extended automatically:

Short-term loans can be rented for 24h. That means that they must be in the library by 12 pm the next working weekday, Monday to Friday. Short-term loanbooks borrowed on Friday shall be returned by the end of the following Monday. Issue Desk employees enter the due date in the journal.

Short-term credit positions are not extended by default.... Points below are not prolonged by default. By the end of the 3-day lending term, they must be surrendered to the library. Articles for reference only are for use in the library only and must be surrendered by the end of the working session.

Only elements that are contained: The articles may contain a label in the margin of the books and a postmark only for reference articles. Interlibrary loan positions have a due date that cannot be prolonged at all. Any borrowed article can be set to Level 2 via the slot near the Issue Desk when the library is open.

Otherwise, you can pass them on to the Issue Desk team. The Virgil Building on the ground floor near the café has a bookshelf. Every library file will be returned to the library by the next working weekday, Monday to Friday. There'?s no library on a weekend or a holiday.

Please send articles back to the on this page displayed adress of the librarian. You can use the Libraries Catalog to find the books. Login with your university username and passphrase or your bank pass number and your personal identification number (PIN). As soon as the work is available, the article will be kept for you at the Issue Desk Level 2 for 7 working day during the term.

It is not possible to make a reservation for a particular product that is displayed as available on the shelves. Please talk to the department employees or contact the Issue Desk if a copy of a title is displayed as Available in the catalog but you cannot find it on the shelves. Checking which positions you have reserved and whether they are available for pick-up or not in your borrowers file.

You can find this hyperlink on the homepage of the library. As a rule, this is because another borrowing party has reserved the position. You will receive an e-mail from the library when your reserved articles are available for pick-up at the counter. Your notice will include all the objects you have borrowed, your bookings and any penalties.

You can find this hyperlink on the homepage of the library.

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