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Bridging Finance arranges it for you today. bridge loan calculator As a fully EZV approved and EZV controlled fully licensed brokers with full credit coverage, we are serious when we say that we can offer you the best possible interest rate for your individual needs. In contrast to RBS, our bridge loans: Featuring interest costs per month - with the possibility of paying interest until the end of the credit period.

EZV accredited and controlled - which means that our financial bridge building services are purchased in a responsible manner. Quickly authorized and cleared - making them ideal for auctions and other much needed real estate deals. In contrast to long-term real estate collateralised contracts, bridge credits are only granted for short-term use. As soon as you have provided some essential information, we will browse the whole store on your name to find the cheapest one.

Bridging Credits Urgent & Fast Bridging Credits

Acting as a market-bridging credit intermediary and developer financier, we are confident that we will find a market-leading approach to all your real estate financing needs. Our services are truly tailor-made with full credit coverage. Tiger Bridge allows you to take advantage of our detailed understanding of the bridge loan markets, with interest rate levels not available to the general public. Tiger Bridge is the only bridge loan provider in the world to do so.

Interim financing can be obtained for a number of different uses, such as the purchase of an existing financial asset, the freeing up of capital and the rehabilitation and redevelopment of real estate. We have a thorough knowledge of the real estate financing markets, enabling us to tailor bridge credits to suit your specific needs. Stricter credit approval requirements by major creditors have resulted in greater interest in diverse products geared to a wide range of real estate financing options.

Our specialty brokers will take you through the labyrinth and help you find the best creditor for your particular projects. One of our clients owns an asset in a premium part of Central London worth 2.5m with an outstanding £500,000 mortgages. One of the builders contacted us to talk about a 550,000 housing redevelopment home.

In two weeks, we provided a 70% LTV for 4 month, with the interest and the bulk of the fees being included in the loan. Unwanted creditworthiness and uncharged insolvency will not always affect your ability to obtain an emergency bridge loan, based on your specific projects and purchaser profiles.

Rapid delivery is vital for short-term financing, and our specialized financing solutions are readily available and customized to your specific needs. However, in most cases bridge credits may take 2-3 week, but may be available within 48-72hrs. Credit periods vary between 1 and 24 month and the maximum duration is variable according to system and client.

Best-in-class interest ratios are available from 0.45%, and as a specialised emergency bridge loan intermediary, we have a wide array of tailor-made bridge loan products available to our trusted, resilient, wealthy investor, familiy office and hedging fund clients. A lot of creditors will match the loan amount on offer to the value of the real estate, with 100% of the sale amount available for up to 70% LTV.

Tiger Bridging's tailor-made bridge credits are tailor-made to meet your needs, with no fixed thresholds, as long as the transaction makes good business sense and you have a sound exits policy. Regardless of your interim financing needs, we can provide the right solution for your unique needs while making sure that the needs of all stakeholders are addressed in the most convenient and effective way.

For the following real estate categories we offer interim financing: Phase one is a call or online job interview using the following online registration process.

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