Online Business Credit Reports

On-line business credit reports

Globally accepted, at home or on the road, in business or online. Our Know Your Business (eKYB) makes managing your own credit risk a simple task with comprehensive credit reports on companies around the world. Ingenuity | Online Pay-as-you-go Credit Reviews Loan reports, also called status reports, supply information to help you assess the creditworthiness of your business clients. Through two of the world' largest status agency report companies - Creditsafe and Graydon - Accumen offers online credit reports. As a result, you have easy acces to a large selection of reports, whether you need information about a private entrepreneur in the UK or a multi-national corporation in Japan.

The reports are available online and give you instant online reports on a per annum paid, as you go base. On-line reports are available for over 80 territories, but when reports need to be ordered (offline) they can take between 2 and 12 workingdays, according to the region and chosen time.

Maps OnLine

For more information, please refer to the conditions of use of your copy of OnLine. Sign up or sign up for your account at our online shop now. Maps that OnLine offers you: - Simple map administration - admins can modify credentials, e-mail address and map owner address. - Secure System - the latest online encoding technologies ensure the safety of your data. Demonstrate how our online credit cart demonstrations can help you administer your business credit maps, regardless of your roles or responsibilities:

The call rates from private and business phones and mobile phones are different and depending on your phone provider's rates. The call rates from private and business phones and mobile phones are different and depending on your phone provider's rates.

Do you know your company (eKYB) - Comprehensive credit reports

Quick evaluation of the financial situation of a company. Whether it' s determining which potential clients to track or keeping a balance in your portfolios, it' s critical to understand the credit risks associated with each client in order to protect your business. W2 makes the management of your own credit exposure an effortless job with extensive credit reports on businesses around the globe.

KYB's Know Your Business (KYB) suites are engineered to give financial and credit professionals the detailed information and resources they need to make sound, data-driven business decisions. Our KYB suites are available in a variety of formats. Managing credit risks can be a battle for many companies - they have to deal with issues such as default, loss of receivables and even business scams.

Establish a solid credit exposure foundation by leveraging W2's precise business and credit information to minimize risks and generate new opportunity. Today, every client wants help as soon as possible. It' s no longer tolerable to be spending long or even short periods of time picking up a new client and his needs, so a good first experience is the first way to make your new client a satisfied client.

Decide on credit quickly and easily. Reducing your credit default guarantee (DSO) through credit checks that help you identifying defaulting depositors. Benefit from the advantages of good "payees and credit ratings" to enhance credit conditions and promote new business opportunity. Before working with prospective vendors, conduct a vendor screen to verify that they meet your own threat assessment to protect your business from unwarranted threats.

The latest annual reports allow you to add clients and vendors who do not match your credit approvals to a black list to accelerate your due-diligence process. Thorough evaluation of all third-party vendors and supplier reviews are critical to protect your business.

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