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You can now get a home loan via Facebook with Nuvo. Nuvo, the real estate agent, has created an intelligent tech that uses artifical intelligentsia to operate a live chat message that speaks to you via Facebook messaging. When you are tired of writing to a robotic, you can also take the telephone and speak directly to a mortgages advisor. Nuvo tries to do for its clients.

In the past, if a client wanted counsel, he would go to a real estate agent or freelance advisor. The majority of viewers are not aware that brokerage firms can provide them with more choices for choosing what to borrow than going directly to lenders. Offering simple and free of charge entry to a wide range of home loan offerings, Nuvo advises on the best options to make sure clients really get the right one every single year.

Please provide some basic information so that we can better meet the customer's needs and present possible choices as quickly as possible. This information allows us to create a comprehensive set of choices for each client. Information levels depend on what Nuvo's clients expect and what products they need.

The information required for a new or existing hypothecary, for example, varies slightly. Client information is safely held in our databases, with administered permissions and secure backup. ls the whole trial online? Proud of our expert staff, we are prepared to make a call or conduct a face-to-face conversation if a client prefers to talk to a genuine one.

It is more than a Chat bot; it is also a fully skilled Hypothekenmakler. In addition, we are able to provide assistance in matters of health care to ensure that the client actually gets the best service and is fully underwritten. Next version will see a full online mortgages tour to be shipped in early 2018.

However, clients will always be able to talk to a consultant if they so wish. How do you differ from other online browsers? It is our belief that we have created the first ever online real estate agent online instant messenger based on synthetic Intelligence that makes it simple for clients to ask any question at any time during the lifecycle.

The client can always ask to have a word with one of our employees in the offices if he prefers to have a word with a genuine one. Getting a loan that made us do this was not a poor thing to do, it was our deep insight and appreciation of the markets that enabled us to see a better way, so we turned to technology.

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