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Before your application can be processed, you must become a member. Living costs e.g. rent, electricity:

Credit application and new member forms

When you are a municipality or housing company, please specify which: Salary slip number: I authorize London Plus Credit Union to deduct this amount from your salary from the first possible payment date until otherwise directed. The London Plus Credit Union may be informed of my departure or cancellation of work.

What would your solvency be? To the best of my ability, I hereby certify that the information provided in this application is correct and complete. It is clear to me that providing incorrect information is cheating and that the cooperative can take appropriate measures if I have intentionally provided incorrect or deceptive information.

l concur to obey the regulations of the cooperative society of creditors.

Credit cooperative 2Shires

Before your application can be dealt with, you must become a member. We have a one-time, non-refundable £5 membership charge which can be purchased by credit and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your application for it. that I am committed to the following:

Your credentials: Reproductions contained herein are made for the purpose of receiving the loan and are made to the best of our knowledge and ability. To enable us to handle your application, we pass on your person-related data to CRAs, which give us information about you, e.g. your finance background.

Our purpose is to evaluate your credit, verify your identities, administer your bankroll, track and collect debt, and deter crime. Continued information about you will be exchanged with rating agencies on an on-going base, which will include your balanced bank balances and any debt that has not been fully paid back on a timely manner. It will also link your information to that of the common candidates.

Help prevents automatic transmission of forms.

Loan application online - Solent Credit Union

And before you begin..... Please keep your last 3 month account statement in Section 4 handy as you need to up-load it. If you have recently applied for a loan, please be aware that you will have to delay 3 month before you can apply again and that you should not be in default for your application to be successful.

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