Online Installment

On-line installation

Yandex Checkingout Provides Installment Payment Options for Online Buyers Yandex Checkingout launches a new function that allows online shops and service providers to offer their clients the ability to pay for shopping in instalments. Installment scheme will be immediately available to Yandex members as soon as they fill in a basic application on Yandex website. A 2017 NAFI Research Center survey found that 27% of those surveyed preferred to get credit or installment payments online.

Yandex check-out provides about 76 thousand shops and related support globally. Yandex is a new easy to integrate service: any shop associated with Yandex check-out can integrate the function on its website. This is where the installment scheme comes in: the required item or the required benefit can be purchased by the customer immediately after submitting the application and the first installment is deducted within 30 workdays.

It' s a very comfortable system, so there is a good possibility that the client will come back to the shop to make a new purchase," says Yulia Gorelova, Head of Payments Business at Yandex.Money. As soon as the shop has activated the function, a small information pad appears next to each article, informing the client about the instalment plan details so that the client can select the term of repayment and view the amount of the instalment.

Thereafter, the payment is deducted from the Yandex monetary pallet every Monday on a set date. You don't have to keep thinking about repaying the credit - just add extra credit to your purse in good times. You can transfer monies from another e-wallet, debit card, online banks or at an automated teller machine in the form of cash.

When the customer does not have the Yandex.Moneyallet, one will be opened for them when they opt for the installment payment scheme. These new services are available to a broad spectrum of online dealers, from home furnishing shops, child care and motherhood goods dealers to air ticketing and tour operators.

Yandex is developing the PayLate solution in collaboration with PayLate.

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