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On Sunday we were in operation again, but still in Wales, but this year we moved away from the Elite Circuit Series and concentrated on the Elite Road Series. The Wales GP was here on Sunday after a hard criticism on Friday evening. It was 115 mph on some test tracks, not the most hilly Wales, but hard enough.

Then after two big ribbons it went on to a smaller one, which led through and out of Abergavenny with a small sluggish ascent and a technically and quickly 2 km long last lap of the 10 finish line. This was not our best example of how to position the teams, but we did the jobs and had drivers in the right places and in the right area.

Sadly there was a big fall for us in the second big round, which only Rory from our side could prevent (which underlines his good positioning). When a group of reasonable size became clear, we had Rob, Gruff and Stevie, who kept their heads above water with the accident for some considerable amount of while Mitch, Max, Will and I were able to get going in the group.

Finally, after a great deal of work from us and a few other drivers, we began to look as if we could reach the top of the game. At first Mitch and Max were there, attacking in a small group, a very good move and they were looking powerful.

Couldn't go with them back then and I had to hopefully the other pursuers would make it back. At this point Stevie and Gruff were back in the pursuit group and after a hard exertion set off. Fortunately this means that on the finish line we had Rory, Mitch, Max and myself at the top of the group.

There was a small group of 4 drivers in the 30' s who were clear. Good tidings were that although he had been insulated at the front, he had been up the street in an 11-man group to make sure PH was present, but had unfortunately been rewarded for his efforts in the final years. Slowly the speed got harder and divided the group into a selected top group of only about 20 people.

By chance there were enough hunters and soon I was back and the drivers flew past me, about 500 meters in front of me. Mitch was 29 and Max was 34. Sadly the group Gruff and Stevies missed the advantage for the last round.

It was a hard one for many things, but we did hold our ground and were in one way or another throughout the whole event.

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