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The GreenSky brand is defying the slowdown in online loans and IPOs

GreenSky, an Atlanta-based online credit provider, has applied for an IPO with an upfront offer of $100 million in equity. Stripe and SoFI, the third largest US company in terms of Fintech's size after Stripe and SoFI, the company functions as an interface between consumer credit to fund property or health invoices and dealers and banks.

Credits from banking partner SunTrust, Regions and FifthThird are made available to users by a third-party provider whose applications are authorized in seconds via a portable device. In contrast to its market place colleagues, GreenSky benefits from both sides of the deal and charges both bankers and agents a percent of the credit rating.

The company, rated 4.5 billion US dollars by Forbes, achieved a turnover of 326 million US dollars last year. Originally booted by David Zalik, the company has collected $560 million from companies such as PHIMCO, TPG and Wellington Management in recent years. Mr Zalik will remain the controlling stockholder with an estimate of $2.5 billion in private assets.

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