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They can apply for and have more than one loan at a time, but you must first understand the disadvantages. Request an installment loan from us, our alternative to traditional payday loans. If you are applying online now, call one of our stores or fill out your application by phone.

Application for several loans | Loan conditions

Yes, it is possible to request several mortgages from different businesses at the same aime. But while there is no rules against it, there is a good chance that it will ruin your credibility and your odds of being borrowed if you do. That is because if you are looking for a loan, a debit or similar, this firm will conduct a solvency check where they look at your loan to work out whether it is a good idea for you to lend cash.

It is known as a "hard investigation", which means that a business has considered your data as part of a loan granting judgment. Â The trouble is that tough investigation shows up on this same credential, and each one can lower your scores a little bit. So, if you have many loan requests at once, it will really decrease your valuation, which makes it more difficult to get things that need a good valuation, like a rental vehicle for financing or a home.

Apart from downgrading your credit score, any successive credit institution that conducts a review will be able to see previous ones - but not whether it was a success or not. So the more of these tough requests you have in your file, the more it looks like you're in a hurry to look for cash you don't have, which might indicate that you're not good at handling your financials.

For this reason, anyone with whom you request a loan might think that you are too much risky and that he will not get his back from you. Requesting more than one loan at a stretch could lower your credibility and make it even less likely that they can give you your funds and get them back.

Those tough requests will persist for up to two years, although the effect on your real credibility will decrease over the years. Suggestion is generally to distribute out your apps for things like loan and credit card through about six month.

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